Corona study: does a syringe help immediately? Researchers are testing drug as an emergency response

A syringe could soon help in addition to the corona vaccinations: British researchers are currently testing a drug that should help against the corona virus.

  • Since December 27, 2020 is against that all over Germany Coronavirus vaccinated.
  • Next to the vaccine should soon be another drug called Emergency response serve and against Corona* help.
  • British researchers are investigating in one study currently a drug that Virus could neutralize.

Kassel / London – Since December 27, 2020, numerous vaccination centers have been using the Corona vaccine of the Mainz-based company Biontech administered to counteract the rapidly developing pandemic. Researchers from the UK are also currently testing a drug as a Emergency responsethat quickly versus that Virus should help.

Will there soon be quick help against the coronavirus in addition to the vaccinations? Reports of the Bild newspaper According to British researchers are currently testing in one study a so-called Emergency response, which prevent a serious course of the disease and thus against Covid-19 should help. In which Remedies it is the drug “AZD7442” from the drug manufacturer AstraZeneca, which consists of two different Antibodies consists of * that Neutralize virus quickly should.

Current corona study: researchers are testing drug as emergency protection

Like the British broadcaster BBC reported that Means with the Antibodies at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) administered in the form of a syringe to ten test subjects who had previously had close contact with people who tested positive.

The test results are pending publication, but if this drug turns out to be effective, it might be particularly good vulnerable people and At-risk patients Protect those who have not yet been vaccinated or who cannot be vaccinated. Allergy sufferers in particular should find out more about the vaccination.

According to the manufacturer, the drug is able to Protection for up to one year keep upright. Virologist and head of the study, Dr. Catherine Houlihan plans to test the drug on 1,000 more people in the near future. “The vaccination works by donating antibodies. It skips the phase in which the body is doing the work to create it, ”says Houlihan. The virologist also explains that this technique is already used in other viruses, for example Rabies or chicken pox, work.

Study aims to clarify: Can corona infections be combated with the drug?

The antibody mix should also solve another problem: Since the approved vaccines against the virus initially need a few weeks before complete protection can be established, the Emergency response in exactly this period of time the Neutralize viruses and therefore a heavy one Corona disease course in people who have already become infected.

Could a syringe soon serve as a corona emergency protection? British researchers are currently testing a drug that, in addition to vaccinations, can neutralize the virus and thus contain it. (Symbol image)

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But also People with immunodeficiency or Chemotherapy patients could be helped with the syringe: One further study, which was carried out at UCLH, is investigating whether the same drug can also prevent a person from becoming infected with corona at all. However, since the test results are not yet known, this is unclear. (Alina Schröder) * and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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