Corona tests for return travelers – you need to know that now

Since August 8, a test for returning travelers has been out Risikogebieten Mandatory. The tests are free! They are paid for by the health insurance companies.

The costs for a repeat test per person are also covered. You can prove that you are a returnee, for example with a boarding pass, a ticket or a hotel bill.

Since August 1st, anyone who comes to Germany from abroad can also be tested for the coronavirus at the health department or their doctor within three days. The tests are voluntary and free of charge.

Where are there test sites? This explains the service number 116 117

Quarantine for at least a week

At best, you can find out within 48 hours whether you are infected. Therefore, regardless of the test, those returning from vacation should immediately go to quarantine at home and report to the health department. The reason is the long incubation period of the virus. Because if you only become infected in the last days of your vacation or even on your return journey, the coronavirus cannot be detected that quickly.

The authorities therefore strongly recommend a quarantine of at least one week. You can be freed from quarantine if you already have a negative test result that is not older than 48 hours.

Those who refuse to take the test and quarantine face fines of up to 25,000 euros!

The increasing numbers of infections in Germany are a clear warning signal. The virus doesn’t go on vacation.

Jens Spahn
Federal Ministry of Health

At which airport is the test being carried out?

There are currently test stations at the following airports:

  • Frankfurt Airport – between Terminal 1 and the long-distance train station (The Squaire)
  • Munich Airport – in the medical center of the airport (Terminal 1, Area E)
  • Nuremberg Airport – Departure Hall 1
  • Cologne / Bonn Airport – at the long-distance bus terminal (P32) in the immediate vicinity of the main entrance (Terminal 2)
  • Leipzig / Halle Airport
  • Erfurt airport
  • Dresden Airport
  • Dusseldorf Airport
  • Dortmund Airport
  • Hamburg Airport – Terminal Tango
  • Bremen Airport – Terminal 1
  • Hannover-Langenhagen Airport – Terminal C
  • Münster-Osnabrück Airport
  • Memmingen Airport

In addition, travelers can be tested for Sars-Cov-2 on several highways near the border in Bavaria, as well as at the major main train stations in Munich and Nuremberg. There is also a “Corona-Mobil” in front of the “Stena Line” ferry terminal in Kiel. Berlin has two stations: at the main train station and the central bus station.