Corona: The 2G test run in Hamburg could set an example

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The 2G test run in Hamburg could set an example

2G rule – The pressure on unvaccinated people is increasing

Hamburg is a 2G pioneer in Germany. Restaurateurs or cultural operators can only grant access to those who have been vaccinated or have recovered. A test is then no longer enough. Lufthansa will soon only let fully vaccinated flight crew into the air.

In Hamburg, restaurateurs and organizers will be able to receive more guests again from the weekend if they only grant access to those who have been vaccinated or recovered. If the 2G rule is successful in the Hanseatic city, the model could prevail throughout Germany.

Peter Tschentscher has led Hamburg through the Corona crisis with a comparatively hard hand in recent months. In the Hanseatic city, to the displeasure of many younger people, the rules were always a little stricter than in the rest of the republic. The first corona curfews were imposed in the Hanseatic city, here they were also the last to be lifted. Tschentscher, a doctor, is part of the “Team Caution” in the corona pandemic.

In this respect, one shouldn’t be surprised that it is again Hamburg that will be the first federal state to introduce a 2G rule beginning at the weekend. Not yet mandatory – which is more likely due to the legal situation than the lack of political will – but still sufficiently tempting.

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Restaurant owners, theater makers and event organizers will have the option of only admitting vaccinated or recovered guests or spectators in the future. In return, almost all corona requirements apply to these companies. Full instead of half empty houses, pubs, restaurants, fitness clubs. Not a bad prospect.

The reaction from hosts and operators is still cautious. They obviously shy away from the risk and problems that could be associated with 2G. Strict controls at the entrances, foreseeable conflicts with unvaccinated people who do not want to be locked out.

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The assumption that even vaccinated people after months of practicing Corona distance could find it difficult to be too close to an unknown neighbor also plays a role. 2G, it seems clear, will not be a hit in the Hanseatic city straight away.

The rest of the republic will still look carefully. If the Senate succeeds in winning over entrepreneurs and customers for its model with its offer and the gentle pressure of the corona tests, which will apply from October, then the Hamburg test run should catch on.

“2G will come one way or the other” – this sentence does not come from Peter Tschentscher, but from Markus Söder. Whether he is right is decided in Hamburg.


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