Corona: “The recognition is good for us nursing staff”

Sultan Demircan from Gladbeck is delighted with the great respect she has given during the coronavirus crisis. The nursing staff is very motivated.

Politicians, actors, celebrities of all genres praise the people who fight on the front lines in Corona times. “Heroes” in the crisis are doctors, shop assistants, cashiers, truck drivers, newspaper deliverers and so many others who keep the shutdown routine going. And nursing staff. In Gladbeck, this also includes Sultan Demircan. The Haack-Yol nursing staff member says modestly: “We don’t want to be the heroes, but recognition is good for us.”

Gladbeck: The work in nursing is being recognized more than before during the corona pandemic

The 47-year-old and her colleagues are currently receiving an unusually high amount of praise and respect. The woman from Gladbeck – “I was born in the St. Barbara Hospital” – says: “Our work is appreciated more than usual. Most of this happens in the media, but our customers now also thank us more often for what we are doing. ”That was rather an exception before the pandemic. “Our commitment is also recognized in telephone conversations with relatives,” says Sultan Demircan.

Slips of paper with notes like “It’s nice that you exist!”, Small gifts – they show that many people have recognized the importance of the care staff’s performance. Demirkan: “Shortly before Christmas this is common, but otherwise not.” In discussions with health and care insurance companies, Hülya Haack-Yol’s employees hear: “Stay healthy!” And that is really true in this global crisis no empty phrases. “The cooperation with health and care funds is less bureaucratic than before Corona,” Demirkan also states.

Business owner Haack-Yol has observed: “My employees come to work with a broad chest because they experience how much their work is valued.” But: Warm words are one thing, higher pay is another. “Both would be nice,” says Sultan Demirkan. Different providers do not pay the same amount of salary, which is why Haack-Yol thinks: “It would be good to minimize the differences.”

She has “divided her staff into fixed teams” that she keeps away from each other for safety reasons. Personal contacts with outsiders are limited to telephone calls wherever possible. Anyone who comes to the care service on Buersche Straße cannot simply walk into the building: “Every supplier has to ring, we have set up a bell.”

Haack-Yol also praises their people: “I think it’s great that everyone showed their willingness from the start” to go along with them under these special circumstances. The youngest employee, an apprentice, is 19 years old, the oldest member of the team is a 62-year-old carer. “Our staff is rather young, so far the employees have had a private life in addition to their work,” says Haack-Yol. And now that social contacts have been canceled due to the risk of infection with the coronavirus? Sultan Demircan: “Working is the only thing we can do now.”

And she does it with passion – like the rest of the nursing staff. Fear? No, the mother has that, the youngest child is 17, according to her own statement not. She says: “We are working to keep the mood among us good. Everyone here is doing their job, and we see it positively. ”Appreciating this profession helps. But Sultan Demircan also says: “Our hope is that we, like cashiers, truck drivers and others, will not only be recognized in the event of a disaster and then go back to the last link when the crisis is over.”



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