Corona ticker Lower Franconia: incidence values ​​have risen again

2:25 p.m.: Five new infections in the Haßberge district

The Haßberge health department reported five new infections with the corona virus over the weekend. 57 people are currently infected with the virus, one of whom is in the intensive care unit. There are 36 people in domestic isolation.

The majority of the new cases are infections with the delta variant. So far 210 cases of the delta variant of the corona virus (India) have been detected in the Haßberge district. A total of 1,297 cases have now been confirmed from the alpha variant (Great Britain). The beta variant (South Africa) has been detected 18 times so far.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the 7-day incidence is 30.9. Since the Haßberge district fell below the 7-day incidence value of 35 on three consecutive days and remains below 35, the 3G regulation (recovery, tested, vaccinated) will be lifted from Tuesday October 12th.

In the Haßberge district, the number of first vaccinations is 48,730 (57.75 percent), a total of 51,060 citizens have been fully vaccinated so far, which corresponds to a vaccination rate of 60.51 percent. According to the district office in Haßfurt, the number of first vaccinations in the vaccination center has risen to 31,464; 32,566 people are now fully vaccinated. This includes the special vaccinations given by the company doctors at Valeo and Fränkische. Unfortunately, the district office does not have any figures on vaccinations for other company doctors. The family doctors in the district have administered 35,367 doses so far (16,804 first vaccinations, 18,159 fully vaccinated, 404 booster vaccinations). There are also 819 vaccinations in the Haßberg clinics (462 first vaccinations, 357 fully vaccinated).

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 4,478 confirmed corona cases in the Haßberge district. 89 people have died related to the infection.