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Corona today: a new surprise about the outbreak of the virus .. and these diseases s

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Tuesday 06 October 2020

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After the emerging corona virus has become a threat threatening the whole world about 10 months ago its appearance, all of us are looking forward to knowing what happens every minute, in light of the tremendous development that Covid-19 has brought in our lives.

Within this framework, “Masrawy” provides a daily service that includes displaying everything you want to know about the latest developments in the emerging corona virus, from the emergence of new symptoms or the occurrence of a different mutation, as well as the development of vaccines and drugs, in brief.

A new surprise about the outbreak

A shocking study revealed that super publishers cause more than 60 percent of all cases of the emerging coronavirus.

Although this category accounts for less than eight percent of infections, scientists found that these people are responsible for the majority of cases, while 70 percent of those who contracted the disease did not spread it to anyone, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

More than 575,000 people have been researched in the largest study of the spread of the Corona virus so far, among them 84,965 people suffering from Corona virus, in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in southern India.

The study relies on mounting evidence that super-publishers are the main drivers behind the outbreak of the Coronavirus, after researchers in Hong Kong revealed in June that 20 percent of infected people were responsible for 80 percent of infections.

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Super diffusers are individuals who release tons of the virus into the air, through coughing, talking, or breathing, and transmitting it to many other people.

80% suffer from these symptoms

A new study indicates that the majority of hospitalized coronavirus patients suffer from neurological symptoms.

The researchers found that more than 80% of “Covid-19” patients suffer from headaches, dizziness, muscle pain, encephalopathy, also known as altered mental function, and brain fog, according to Russia Today.

A new possibility for the transmission of “Corona” through the air

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its recommendations regarding the spread of the Coronavirus to include the possibility of its transmission “in small droplets of droplets and particles that can float in the air for minutes or hours.”

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it is possible to transmit the Corona virus through the air, that these viruses may be able to infect people who are about two meters away from the infected person, or after his departure, according to the “Russia Today” website.

Respiratory diseases may give you immunity against “Corona”

Russia’s “Ross Potrip Nadzor” (Consumption Control) agency has announced that those afflicted with seasonal respiratory diseases may gain immunity against many coronaviruses, including against SARS-CoV-2, according to Russia Today.

The authority reported this information, citing studies conducted by American scientists, however, the Russian body indicated that researchers could not yet determine the effectiveness of that immunity.


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