Corona vaccination certificate and basic rights: Freedom from equality

IHopefully things are going differently in Europe than in Germany, where the federal government would prefer to grant the vaccinated people their basic rights according to the principle of “equality before freedom”. That is against everything that is so popularly praised on public holidays in the Basic Law. The instinctless thought that freedoms will only be granted again when enough people can make use of them equally should not be a school in the EU as well.

In Germany there are the federal states in which there are obviously far more scruples about further restricting the freedom of the vaccinated in the name of justice towards non-vaccinated people. A “patchwork quilt” also has advantages. In Europe, it is the nation states that will not allow their sovereignty to be denied on this issue.

The vaccination certificate is also about equality and freedom. The wish of the European Parliament to equip vaccination records with the same rights across Europe is unlikely to come true. He doesn’t have to and shouldn’t.

However, as Parliament is right, proof should be linked to conditions, for example the approved vaccines, in order to be recognized throughout the EU. There is only one point where the EU has an obligation, namely to create freedom of movement for those who no longer pose a health risk. Mutual recognition and the resolve that freedom comes before equality are sufficient. More will probably not be possible until summer.