Corona virus in Germany: the numbers at a glance

Dhe coronavirus continues to determine people’s everyday lives around the world. Germany is in the fourth wave of the pandemic, and the number of infections is only going down slightly. The vaccination rate is stagnating – many people are still not immunized against the virus.

With our graphics and tables we give you an overview of the most important key figures and developments. Case numbers, positive rate of the corona tests, vaccination rates and occupancy of intensive care beds – you can find all of this here at a glance and in clear graphics. In addition, we monitor Incidence values ​​in the countiesi.e. the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the past seven days.

Since mid-November, the most important benchmark has been the hospitalization rate – it indicates how many corona patients per 100,000 inhabitants had to be admitted to hospitals within the past seven days. The concept, which was decided on November 18th in the federal-state meeting, envisages a three-stage model: if the hospitalization rate rises above 3, the 2-G rule applies; if it rises above 6, the 2-G plus rule applies in the federal state rule (vaccinated persons and genesis must also present an additional rapid antigen test). From a hospitalization rate of 9, contact restrictions are planned. The previous high was around the Christmas season of the previous year at around 15.5. You can find out more here.

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