Corona virus live ticker: +++ 03:33 China reports ten new infections +++

China reports ten new Covid 19 diseases. The health authorities say that nine of these are due to overseas arrivals. The authorities had reported only one infection the previous day. No one got infected in Beijing for the eleventh day in a row. The total number of Covid 19 cases in China is now 83,622, while the number of deaths remains unchanged at 4,634.

+++ 03:05 USA record new infections +++
According to current data, the number of known new infections in the USA is rising to a record high. Accordingly, 75,255 new cases were registered on Thursday. The previous high was 69,070 last Friday. In June, daily new infections increased by an average of 28,000. In July it was 57,625. US health expert Anthony Fauci recently warned that if the Americans don’t wear masks and keep a minimum distance, the US may exceed the threshold of 100,000 new people infected with the corona virus every day.

+++ 02:33 Georgia’s governor sues against the obligation to wear a mask +++
The governor of the southern U.S. state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is suing a requirement for a mask prescribed by the city of Atlanta. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has exceeded her powers with the relevant regulation to curb the coronavirus, the governor argues in a lawsuit filed. The Republican Kemp had signed a decree despite the spreading corona pandemic, which forbids municipalities and districts to introduce a mask requirement.

+++ 01:49 Corona crisis: USA extend ban on cruising +++
Given the renewed escalation of corona in the United States, cruises from US ports remain taboo for an even longer time. The CDC health authority is extending its “No Sail Order” until the end of September. The agency cited the unprecedented nature of the Covid 19 pandemic and the high risk of virus outbreaks on cruises as the reason. The industry had hit the headlines early due to massive infections aboard some ships. The association CLIA, in which all major providers are represented, announced in June that the industry would voluntarily extend their pandemic break until mid-September.

+++ 00:59 Brazil has more than two million infections +++
Brazil has crossed the threshold of two million infections with the novel virus in the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Ministry of Health, more than 45,400 new infections were registered within 24 hours, the number of deaths increased by 1322. In total, at least 76,688 people died in the largest country in Latin America, according to the information.

+++ 00:32 USA want to limit unnecessary Covid 19 tests +++
The U.S. is preparing guidelines to reduce the number of unnecessary Covid-19 tests, according to a Department of Health representative. The details have not yet been determined, says Brett Giroir. However, it is conceivable, for example, that those who have completed a quarantine at home can then return to work or school without a new test. Refraining from such examinations could reduce the waiting time for the results of the really necessary tests. The new guidelines are not the result of a lack of test capacity, says Giroir.

+++ 23:57 Corona boom at Netflix ebbs from +++
With the online video service Netflix, the corona-related rush of customers subsides. The bottom line was 10.1 million paid subscriptions, as the streaming market leader announced. With this, Netflix surpasses its own forecast.

+++ 23:15 Canada gives billions in aid for a safe restart +++
The Canadian government plans to allocate 19 billion Canadian dollars (more than 12.2 billion euros) to help the domestic economy restart after months of inactivity. Aid to the 13 Canadian provinces and territories focuses on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to minimize the risk of a second wave of pandemics. Last but not least, the funds are to be used for the provision of protective equipment and the tracking of infection chains. However, general costs in connection with the restart of the economy are also to be financed from the funds in the next six to eight months.

+++ 22:25 US borders to Mexico and Canada remain closed for another month +++
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the US is sealing off its borders with Mexico and Canada for at least another four weeks. The border closures were extended until August 20, said the Ministry of Homeland Security. Minister Chad Wolf referred to the “success” of the travel restrictions that had existed for months and the close cooperation with neighboring countries Mexico and Canada. This made it possible to limit the spread of the virus through travel, said Wolf. The measures provide for a ban on travel that is not absolutely necessary, the movement of goods is excluded.

+++ 22:06 sick leave via video is allowed +++
In the future, patients will be able to get sick leave from their doctor via video consultation. The corona crisis could give this digital method an additional boost. A prerequisite for video sick leave is that the insured person is known to the doctor’s office and that the illness permits an examination by video consultation. This was decided by the Federal Joint Committee of top representatives of doctors, health insurance companies and hospitals, as the committee said in Berlin. However, insured persons are not entitled to sick leave via video consultation. The new opportunity was created independently of the corona pandemic, the Committee emphasized. The first time that a person is unable to work is recorded on video for a period of seven calendar days.

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