Corona virus live ticker: +++ 05:36 Trump celebrates July 4th with thousands of guests +++

Before US Independence Day, President Donald Trump witnesses a big firework display at Mount Rushmore Monument. Trump is traveling with his wife Melania to the famous monument in the state of South Dakota, which shows the heads of four former US presidents. Because around 7500 spectators are also expected, there are concerns about possible infections with the corona virus. The nationwide national holiday celebrations take place on Saturday. In the capital, Washington, Trump will take part in a big ceremony entitled “Salute to America”.

+++ 05:17 Serbia has high infection rates +++
The Balkan country of Serbia is experiencing a sharp increase in infections with the corona virus. In the last 24 hours, 359 new cases of the Sars-CoV-2 virus have been detected, the health authorities in the capital Belgrade said. On the five days before, between 193 and 276 new infections had been registered each day. With double-digit daily growth in late May and early June, Serbia seemed to have weathered the worst phase of the corona pandemic. However, the recent development marks an opposite trend, say health experts. Abrupt easing on May 6 may have favored him. Serbia was one of the first countries in Europe to allow football matches in front of an audience again. Some matches saw up to 20,000 spectators. The previous distance rules and mask requirements have also been largely reduced to recommendations.

+++ 04:05 Brazil reports almost 62,000 deaths, Rio opens gastronomy +++
In Brazil, nearly 62,000 people died from Covid-19. The number rose in one day by 1252 to 61,884, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The number of infections rose by 48,105 to 1.496 million. At the same time, numerous loosenings have come into force in the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro after more than three months of strict restrictions. Under strict conditions, bars and restaurants opened for guests again. Gyms, beauty salons and tattoo studios also benefit from the relaxation. “There is no reason to celebrate, but we have been in this fight since March,” said Rio de Janeiro’s mayor Marcelo Crivella when he announced the easing. A low demand for intensive care beds, but also the “stable death rate” had shown that the “dark climax” of the pandemic had been reached in May.

+++ 03:12 Airbus: Can save 2000 jobs with federal aid +++
According to CEO Guillaume Faury, Airbus assumes that with the support of the Federal Government in 2000 fewer jobs could be cut in Germany than previously planned. “We think that up to 500 jobs could be obtained if, for example, the federal government supported us through the program for the development of aircraft with hydrogen engines,” said the manager in an interview with “Spiegel”. “Extending short-time work to 24 months could also secure up to 1,500 jobs.” Discussions have already started, Faury said. He refused to expand the state’s stake in Airbus. In Germany, 5100 jobs are supposed to be cut. Workers’ representatives had accused Airbus of using the crisis as a pretext for long-term corporate restructuring.

+++ 02:13 Every fifth miner in the Czech Republic infected +++
All coal mines in the Czech Republic are temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by the state funding company OKD. As of Friday, only one emergency operation will continue to ensure the safety of the four active mines in the east of the country. The group is thus reacting to the high proportion of infected people in screening tests among the miners. According to the health office, the virus was detected in every fifth of the more than 3400 tested. Most of them showed little or no symptoms. The industrial region around the city of Karvina (Karwin) is increasingly becoming the largest hotspot of the disease in the Czech Republic.

+++ 01:35 Reeperbahn opens the first theater in Germany +++
After almost four months of a Corona break, the Schmidts Tivoli has reopened on the Hamburg Reeperbahn. “Welcome to the first German theater, which will resume play today”, theater director Corny Littmann greeted his guests in the evening. Celebrities such as panic rocker Udo Lindenberg and singer Sasha also stopped by for the premiere. “I am very happy that it starts again,” said Lindenberg. For the show “Paradiso” the theater was transformed into a tropical oasis. The spectators sit together in small islands, but instead of the usual 620 spectators, only 255 spectators fit into the hall. There are three different entrances and two different entry times so that guests can comply with the distance rules in Corona times. During the 75-minute show without a break, spectators can remove their mouthguards from the square.


Udo Lindenberg himself will drop by the premiere.

(Photo: imago images / Chris Emil Janßen)

+++ 01:07 Orban rejects EU list of safe third countries +++
Hungary does not want to follow the EU recommendations to relax travel restrictions. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a Facebook video. According to this, his country will not adopt the EU list of safe third countries – with the exception of Serbia. “Because that would be against the health interests of the Hungarian people,” says Orban.

+++ 00:24 Infection explosion in southern states: Trump ally introduces mask requirement +++
In view of the increasing number of infections with the novel corona virus, the US state of Texas is introducing a mouthguard requirement. Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who is considered a close ally of President Donald Trump, ordered a mask requirement for all districts where at least 20 corona infections were detected. The number of corona infections is currently increasing dramatically in the southern US states. Florida reported a new daily record with more than 10,000 new infections for the first time. Abbott also banned meetings with more than ten participants. In addition, distance rules apply from now on. In Florida, the authorities reported a new record for new infections. The most populous district in Miami-Wade introduced a mask requirement in public spaces in response.

+++ 23:58 “loss of control threatens”: Israel withdraws easing +++
Israel is imposing new restrictions on a record number of new corona infections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said meetings should be restricted again. Only up to 50 people are allowed to come together in festival halls, bars and clubs. Before, there were up to 250 people. In other closed places, including prayer houses, only up to 20 people are allowed to gather. “We have to go back to the policy of restrictions to make the curve flatter again,” said Netanyahu. Otherwise there would be a loss of control. At the same time, he announced an economic aid program for the coming six months. The number of new infections with the coronavirus in Israel has reached a new high. According to the Ministry of Health, 966 new cases were registered within 24 hours. This is the highest one-day value registered in Israel since the pandemic broke out. The previous high was 819 on April 3.

+++ 23:09 Northern Italy rages over southern Italian advertising video +++
In Italy, many northern Italians are upset by a tourism promotional video from Calabria in southern Italy. The background to the outrage on television and on the Internet is the slump in tourism in the Mediterranean country caused by the Corona crisis. Although the nerves in many holiday areas are already bare, some of those responsible from the coastal area Riviera dei Gelsomini had a video made at the tip of the boot in which the north is badly done. Pictures of mass tourism and industrial chimneys in the north are compared to empty, bright sandy beaches and romantic cultural sites in the south. The three-minute film was already on YouTube for a few days. Then the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, scolded the spot. “To write in the subtitles that people die of fine dust in our country: it is not correct,” said the right-wing politician.


+++ 22:31 census should only take place in 2022 +++
The census planned for the current year is to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The preparatory work could not have been carried out as planned, the Federal Ministry of the Interior said on request in Berlin. Therefore, it is planned to postpone the census by one year. For this, the census law has to be changed, which still has to be decided by the cabinet and then by the Bundestag and Bundesrat. The count not only takes into account the population, but is also intended to provide data on employment and housing situation. The last census was in 2011.

+++ 22:01 Sweden is reviewing its crisis management +++
Sweden, which is heavily criticized for its special way in coping with the corona pandemic, has announced a review of its crisis management. The government in Stockholm commissioned the state-funded Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) to do the analysis. On Wednesday, the agency submitted a report complaining of Sweden’s lack of preparation for the Corona crisis – despite several “warning shots”. The northern European country now has a much higher death rate than its Scandinavian neighbors. According to official information, more than 70,000 infections have been detected since the pandemic began, and more than 5400 people have died.

You can read the most important developments from the previous day on the current situation relating to the global coronavirus pandemic here.


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