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Corona virus: preventive measures in Ev. Johanneswerk

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By decree of the Federal Ministry for Labor, Health and Social Affairs, the Ev. Johanneswerk has extended the ban on entering its workshops for people with disabilities (WfbM) until Sunday, May 3rd. The operating facilities had already been closed at the beginning of the crisis together with the day care centers in Bielefeld and the day care offers.

Emergency care will continue to be available for day care as well as for the employees of the “Studjo | Work and Qualification” facilities, who cannot be looked after in any other way outside. This applies, for example, to people with mental illnesses who need a fixed daily structure. Around half of the employees from the Studjos make their work available where it is needed: They go directly to the residential facilities in which the employees are at home and ensure that they are looked after there. “Production in the Studjo production facilities will continue to be maintained, urgent orders will be processed by us,” says Christoph Pasch, manager of the work area for people with disabilities.

Crisis team set up

“The protection of employees, residents, relatives, clients and external contact persons has for the Ev. Johanneswerk highest priority “, says Dr. Ingo habenicht, chairman of the management. In order to ensure the health of all those involved and to help slow the spread of the corona virus, an internal crisis team was set up to coordinate far-reaching protective measures.

No visits to homes for the elderly and facilities for the disabled

Nursing homes and homes for the elderly as well as forms of housing for the disabled in Ev. Johanneswerk remains closed to visitors. This is also done at the request of the Federal Ministry. In individual cases, exceptions can be made for people close to you, e.g. in the context of terminal care, after consultation with the facility management.

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