Corona Warn App Red: Free PCR Test? (Info)

Do you get a free trial with a red warning?  Photo: Wirestock Creators /

Do you get a free trial with a red warning?

Foto: Wirestock Creators /

If the Corona warning app indicates an increased risk, do you get a free Corona test? We clarify.

Digital Unit: Lukas Böhl (lbö)

If you are asymptomatic and want to be tested, you have to pay for the costs yourself. This applies to both unvaccinated and vaccinated people. However, people who are known to be infected will still receive free tests. Does this also include the “Increased risk” warning in the Corona warning app? We asked the Federal Ministry of Health.

Red warning authorizes testing

At the request of the Federal Ministry of Health, a spokesman for our newspaper informed us that that the warning “increased risk” is sufficient as an entitlement to a test. If the Corona warning app shows red, you can be tested for free.

Rapid test or PCR test?

The doctor or the health department decides whether you receive a PCR test or a quick test in the case of a red warning in the Corona warning app. Because whoever receives the red warning should, according to the Robert Koch Institute, go home if possible, reduce encounters and pay attention to their own symptoms. Further steps should then be discussed with the family doctor or the health department. On this occasion it will also be decided whether a rapid test or a PCR test should be done.

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