Coronavirus: 2019 new cases, 3 dead

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) are on Monday within 72 hours 2019 new coronavirus infections been reported. At the same time, the BAG registered three new deaths and 24 hospital admissions.

A week ago, the BAG had registered 1746 new confirmed cases, five new deaths and 24 hospital admissions over the weekend. With an estimated share of 99.4 percent of all new infections, the delta variant is currently the dominant virus mutation on a seven-day average.

For every 100,000 inhabitants, 115.04 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infections were reported in the past two weeks. The reproduction number R, which indicates the average number of people infected by an infected person, was 1.07 on July 23.

A total of 8,839,325 vaccine doses had been delivered to the cantons and Liechtenstein by Sunday afternoon. This means that 9,023,209 doses were administered. 48.2 percent of the population are already fully vaccinated.

The utilization of the intensive care units in the hospitals is currently 67.6 percent. 4.7 percent of the available beds are occupied by Covid 19 patients.

In the past 72 hours, 63,142 new corona tests were reported to the BAG. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 9,116,277 tests for Sars-CoV-2, the causative agent of the respiratory disease Covid-19, have been carried out in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, according to the FOPH. There were a total of 719,684 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with the coronavirus.

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