Coronavirus, 3 million cases in Europe. Blaze India and Brazil – World

The coronavirus pandemic is still marching with great impetus especially in three countries, USA, India and Brazil, but also theEurope keeps watch over new outbreaks: from the Balkans to Spain and Belgium, so much so that 3 million infections have been exceeded across the continent. Covid is also very strong in Israel, which records a record of new cases, and in South Africa, which alarms the whole continent, so far relatively spared. The first wave of Covid, the one that started from China now 7 months ago, has not yet ended, bringing the global case count to over 15 million, with over 624 thousand victims. The transmission remains “intense” only in a few countries, notes the WHO, but in that part of the world where half of the infected are concentrated, the situation is dramatic.

It is the case of the United States, which travel at the rate of 60-70 thousand new infections per day (have exceeded 4 million) and over a thousand new dead. Trump says he sees “the light at the end of the tunnel” but Covid has gone all the way to the White House, with a coffee shop employee found positive.

The “scenario under control” also speak Brazilian authorities. In spite of the records burned day after day, the latest of nearly 68 thousand new infections. While the president, Jair Bolsonaro, continues to test positive. And the region of Latin America and the Caribbean has exceeded 4 million coronavirus cases, of which over 170 thousand have died. This is what emerges from a statistic concerning 35 Latin American nations and territories. According to the count, the region has recorded 4,042,617 pandemic infections to date, with 170,013 deaths.

It’s not betterIndia, in third place in the world ranking, which has surpassed the million and 200 thousand cases with a record leap of over 45 thousand in the last 24 hours, the highest ever recorded so far.

As for theEurope, the protagonist of the spring wave that began in Italy, there is a worrying return of Covid in many countries. The epidemic at this stage appears less aggressive, with many asymptomatic, but the drop in attention that can lead to a resurgence is not to be underestimated. The WHO, in particular, has placed the emphasis on “nightlife outbreaks even in places where the virus had been suppressed”. In the Old Continent the situation progressively worsens in the Balkans, with Romania above all bending record after record. On the other hand, the outbreaks in Belgium practically doubled in a week. In England there has been an obligation to wear a mask in shops. In Catalonia the alarm has been red again for days.

For the evolution of the pandemic, the special observed for what may happen in the coming weeks is theAfrica. In the continent, where so far the numbers have been contained compared to the population, there is a country, South Africa, where the level of guard has long been exceeded: almost 400 thousand infections, fifth in the world. A giant outbreak, which according to the WHO can become the detonator of the pandemic on the continent.


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