Coronavirus Adelaide: David Jones employee positive, Unley High goes online

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In SA, 36 new coronavirus cases were confirmed, of which 170 were the largest jump to date.

People are from teenagers to 80 years old.

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It comes when Australia registers its eighth death from the virus, a woman in her seventies who was a passenger on the Ruby Princess cruise.

SA Health also said it was investigating what could be the first “locally acquired case” or community transmission.

The woman in her fifties tested positive after close contact with people who were overseas but showed no symptoms.

According to SA Health, 600 people are contacted daily for symptom testing.

Dr. Nicola Spurrier, SA’s health officer, said on Tuesday that her staff examined a “cluster” of at least five patients associated with Lyndoch Hill in the Barossa Valley.

Anyone who has been at the winery since March 14 and felt uncomfortable should be tested and self-isolated.

SA Health also contacted about 200 people who had a role with Senator Rex Patrick who tested positive to see if they had symptoms.

It is recommended that you isolate yourself every 14 days.

“It’s terrifying, but for people in Cummins, please be stoic, follow the quarantine rules and my team will contact you to see if people get symptoms,” said Dr. Spurrier.

When asked about the case with David Jones, Dr. Spurrier said that close contact – one of the guidelines that carries the risk of contracting the virus – required between 1 m and 1.5 m for 15 minutes or two hours in a confined space, and an employee working in a department store did not seem to ” to fit into the close contact category ”.

She also said that the schools would remain open at this time.

“I may have to close schools in the future, but this is not my advice at the moment,” she said.

More companies to close

Prime Minister Steven Marshall said the central market would not be affected and the state government would review the details of house party restrictions on Wednesday.

Mr Marshall said the decision to close more companies, which inevitably affects jobs, was not taken lightly.

“It was a long but important meeting,” said Marshall.

“It is now very clear that the advice to the National Cabinet is to further tighten the restrictions on fighting the spread of the coronavirus.

“These other restrictions will be extremely impractical for families, but we have to consider the consequences if they are not followed.

“There will also be a high toll on small businesses and jobs.

“That is why our second stimulus package will be so important.”

Mr. Marshall remained firm in deciding to keep schools open, saying that it was the clear advice of health government experts that they shouldn’t close.

However, the state government is developing tools for parents who decide to leave their children at home to continue their critical education.

“Expert advice to the National School Cabinet was unchanged,” he said.

“The very clear advice is that schools have to stay open.”

The borders of the SA close

South Australia has closed its borders with other countries and the police warn that strict quarantine measures against the coronavirus pandemic will be enforced.

The police began checking everyone entering the state at 12 roadside points on Tuesday, as well as anyone arriving by air or rail.

Individuals with no exceptions are asked to sign a statement stating that they will feel isolated for 14 days or face fines of up to $ 20,000.

Exceptions apply to people who regularly cross the border for work and for emergency and basic care including freight.

State coordinator, Commissioner Grant Stevens, said the measures were needed to stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep vulnerable people from selling.

“We expect people to follow this instruction,” he said.

Mr Stevens said the reality is that there is no way to physically stop anyone entering the SA, so the police would focus on key arterial routes such as the fruit fly quarantine stations in Pinnaroo and Bordertown.

“But we’re targeting the main lines, be it on the road, by rail, or in the air,” he said.

“… this is a result of this virus finding its way through our community.”

The police stop vehicles at the SA border, 5 km east of Pinnaroo, after the borders have been closed. Picture: AAP / Kelly Barnes
Media cameraThe police stop vehicles at the SA border, 5 km east of Pinnaroo, after the borders have been closed. Picture: AAP / Kelly Barnes

With a number of exceptions, he did not believe there would be problems moving the cargo across the border, he said.

“The essential services will continue. Food continues to be delivered unimpeded, ”said Stevens.

Synon Peers, who runs Peers Motors in Pinnaroo, and a school bus that crosses the South Africa-Victoria border are concerned about how the closure will affect his businesses.

Mr. Peers said he saw 10 customers from the Underbool region of Victoria on Tuesday morning, concerned that this would mean them.

“They are farmers who are concerned about getting the supplies they need – fertilizers and chemicals – and pre-sowing repairs,” he said.

“There will be a lot of people in this field who want to start sowing in the next two to three weeks.”

On the border between SA and the Northern Territory, The advertiser stood side by side with the local police and checked the drivers moving around the area.

As with SA, those who came to the NT were tested and had to fill out an arrival form.

– with AAP

The passengers were on the ground for 14 days

It was 4:22 p.m. when Qantas flight QF592 touched the tarmac at Adelaide Airport on Tuesday.

But for passengers on board the Perth-Adelaide service, two minutes past the hour, they have likely changed the course of their next two weeks.

They were the first air travelers to have to isolate themselves for 14 days after their arrival in South Australia as part of the state’s strict border controls for coronaviruses.

The measure, recommended by Nicola Spurrier, associate professor of public health at SA Health, aims to delay the transmission of the disease through the community.

The Australian Federal Police and police officers greeted the passengers in the airport terminal, who helped make the passengers aware of their obligations.

Dozens also lined up to request exemptions from the isolation phase, including fly-in and fly-out worker Matt Lively.

Mr. Lively, 36, of Kilkenny, works in a gold mine near Laverton, about 940 km east of Perth in Western Australia.

“I’m working on a weekly roster, so I was hoping to be able to work again next week,” said Lively.

“(The company I work for) is trying to work out a different schedule situation so that we can isolate and return.

“But the problem at the moment is that you have to isolate here and then possibly isolate if you return across the border before you start working.”

Passengers on the last flight to Adelaide Airport off the South Australian border were closed in response to the COVID 19 outbreak.
Media cameraPassengers on the last flight to Adelaide Airport off the South Australian border were closed in response to the COVID 19 outbreak.

Mr. Lively said he flew back a day earlier to try to get home before the borders were closed.

“I was hoping to get in at 4pm before the curfew, and I thought because we were in the air and touching down at 4pm, we would be fine, but two minutes late, so that’s what it is,” he said.

Kevin Krahge, 56, also works in WA as an engineer on a tractor in Port Headland.

He was scheduled to fly home to Port Lincoln on Tuesday evening and begin his 14 days of self-isolation. “I think BHP will apply for special circumstances so that we can work again, otherwise I’ll be stuck here,” said Krahge.

“I was bound by the company rules. I would normally have been home earlier, but I had to deliver a tractor.

“The pilot tried to do his best before (the borders were closed), but he didn’t quite make it.”

Other passengers described how the police got on the plane and explained the logs of their self-isolation period to the passengers. Passenger Alison said everyone was informed about the new measures and was asked to fill out the required forms.

“This is expected and we have been made aware of it,” she said. “It is good for SA and an appropriate measure.”

Another passenger, Mark, said: “I have given my details and (police) said that they would probably look it up during the self-isolation phase.”

Passengers on Virgin Airlines flight VA1394 were the last to arrive before the borders closed and landed at 3:20 p.m.

– Steve Rice

David Jones worker tests positive

Westfield’s David Jones temporarily closed as a “precaution” after an employee tested positive for coronavirus.

The team member returned the positive test late Monday and is now recovering at home in isolation.

Westfield Marion at 3:30 p.m., where it was very quiet after David Jones was closed because an employee had tested positive.
Media cameraWestfield Marion at 3:30 p.m., where it was very quiet after David Jones was closed because an employee had tested positive.
The sign in front of David Jones at Westfield Marion.
Media cameraThe sign in front of David Jones at Westfield Marion.

Customers in the store who feel uncomfortable between 9 a.m. on March 16 and 11 a.m. on March 21 should contact a doctor.

David Jones has set up a cleaning program and says customers can be sure when it opens again.

“Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers and team members. As a result, we have closed our Marion store while undergoing extensive deep cleansing in accordance with health agency guidelines,” said a spokeswoman for David Jones.

“We have adopted all protocols in accordance with regulatory requirements and work closely with SA Health to support the security of our team and our community.”

She said a decision about when the store would reopen was pending.

“The Marion store will remain closed until its deep cleaning is complete,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Westfield Marion said the mall would remain open.

Unley High moves online

Unley High School, where two people passed a positive test, will switch to online learning for the rest of the semester.

And more than 100 students and staff are in self-isolation.

The school will start teaching students from home on Thursday, but remains open to students whose parents have to work in and post important services and industries.

Two cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed at Unley High School, a student last week who contracted the virus through a close contract with a teacher.

Eight employees and 110 students from Unley High School are now self-isolating.

“We will provide a supervised student environment with space and hygiene to give (these) students access to the new online learning program,” principal Greg Rolton said in a letter to the parents.

Unley High School in Netherby.
Media cameraUnley High School in Netherby.

“In this unprecedented and rapidly changing climate, it is time for Unley High School to offer education differently to support our community and protect everyone.

“As a new system, we will run into problems along the way and rely on students and parents to inform us.

A spokesman for the education department said Unley High “activated” the option of two weeks of distance learning.

“All schools prepare at least two weeks of classes to give distance learning when classes are interrupted or when they need to be closed.

“Unley High School activated this option after the confirmed case of COVID-19 in response to the special circumstances in their school.

“This includes a high number of students who isolate themselves according to health protocols.

“The advice from the SA’s Chief Health Officer and the AHPPC continues that schools should be open. We continue to follow this advice. “

New test transit clinic opens

According to authorities, a backlog in virus testing has been reduced after transit clinic appointments have been reduced from 20 minutes to five minutes.

A new transit clinic was opened today at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Center, the second one in the Repat.

Prime Minister Steven Marshall said SA had “clearly” led the nation with its “strong tests” that offer “a very high level of trust” for no community transmission.

He said there were 17,800 tests conducted in South Africa, which made us a “world leader” per capita. The tests will be done within 21 hours, he said. as pathologists continued to shorten waiting times for results.

A SA Pathology nurse tests a patient in the new transit clinic at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Center. Picture: AAP / Brenton Edwards
Media cameraA SA Pathology nurse tests a patient in the new transit clinic at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Center. Picture: AAP / Brenton Edwards
Prime Minister Steven Marshall in the new COVID-19 transit test facility at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Center. Picture: AAP / Kelly Barnes
Media cameraPrime Minister Steven Marshall in the new COVID-19 transit test facility at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Center. Picture: AAP / Kelly Barnes

“South Australia is clearly ahead of the game when testing for COVID-19 at the national level,” he said.

“We led the nation when we did the first passage tests, and the success of this operation has been repeated across the country.

“This gives us a high level of confidence that at this point in time we had no transmission of the disease through the community.

“Well, that will come, but the longer that is pushed away, the safer we will be.

“There is a significant gap in what we do to the rest of the world. And that gives us the confidence that we can fight this corona virus and minimize the health effects. “

He granted business restrictions and the people were “devastating”.

There were 134 cases of coronavirus in SA, with at least six people recovered. SA Health will provide an update later.

The state government opened another test facility in Port Pirie today.

The opening takes place after the success of the transit clinic in the Repat district, which was in some cases a large backlog, in some cases a waiting period of more than a week.

Almost 800 tests were carried out in the southern suburb clinic.

Dr. Tom Dodd, chief of SA pathology, said the backlog had dramatically reduced to a few days after appointments had been cut by five minutes.

Dr. Dodd said changes had reduced the backlog and the Hamdpstead Clinic “doubled our capacity”.

“The tests are extremely sensitive, they use amplification of the virus and very small amounts of the virus, so they are very reliable.”

He said tests are incredibly “sensitive” and leading the world. SA has at least 100,000 test kits. Patients must have a referral to the family doctor to visit the transit clinics.

“This is really a responsibility for every South Australian,” said Dr. Dodd.

“You have to be sensible, if you can isolate yourself and stay at home, that’s excellent. If you need to go to work or shop, keep social distance. It is vital that you follow the cough label and hand wash.

“And I would rephaise for younger people, this will probably not be a serious illness for you. But you do this to save your grandparents’ lives. So it is everyone’s responsibility. “

Health Minister Stephen Wade said there are no coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit in South Africa and most are cared for “in the community”.

When asked whether the community would broadcast within a few days, the Prime Minister replied, “We can all see what’s going on around the world and we won’t be immune to it.

A patient is tested by an SA Pathology nurse at the new transit clinic in Hampstead. Picture: AAP / Brenton Edwards
Media cameraA patient is tested by an SA Pathology nurse at the new transit clinic in Hampstead. Picture: AAP / Brenton Edwards

Mr. Marshall said the SA police are working with other government agencies to enforce border controls that begin at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Mr. Marshall said the state government would review all options, including further social raids, at a session of the National Cabinet on Tuesday evening.

He said the government is determined to ensure that children do not miss a school year, as some parents keep their children at home and health officials say that a network outage could eventually be triggered.

Mr. Marshall said he was “very grateful” for teachers who were working in a “very difficult situation”.

He said there was “no doubt that this would put a huge strain on the South Australian budget.”

“However, my main focus is on the health, safety and well-being of South Australians and preparing them for the inevitable climax of this disease.

“This is where the entire government focuses as a top priority, but is doing everything it can to boost economic activity.”



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