Coronavirus: Australia deploys 300 soldiers to the streets of Sydney to enforce lockdown by the Delta variant of COVID-19 | Pandemic | | WORLD

About 300 soldiers joined this Monday in the surveillance tasks of the Police to guarantee the “maximum compliance” of the restrictions imposed in Sydney, Australia, by an outbreak of the Delta variant of the coronavirus covid-19.

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The operation, which will last six weeks, “should not cause concern,” said today the State Minister of the New South Wales Police, David Elliot, who described the deployment of soldiers as “normal”.

Soldiers will work unarmed under the orders of the NSW Police, tracing contacts, verifying that people with covid-19 or considered as close contacts remain in isolation, among other tasks.

“As soon as the operation is finished and they no longer need us, we will take a step back”said the national commander of covid-19 assistance operations, Brigadier Mick Garraway, insisting that it is an expansion of the logistics operations that are being carried out in the country.

The statements come from the fear that there will be a militarization of the eight communities in the west and southwest of Sydney, with a population of immigrants and refugees, where stricter measures have been imposed on displacement compared to the rest of the Sydney, confined from June 26 to August 27.

The deployment of the soldiers comes amid a high number of community infections from the outbreak of the delta variant, which was detected more than seven weeks ago in Sydney, which accumulates about 3,700 local cases and 15 deaths.

The authorities of New South Wales reported 207 infections and one death on Monday after a weekend in which they deployed about a thousand police officers to prevent a repeat of the protests against the confinement of July 24 in Sydney, in which clashes and more than fifty arrests took place.

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The country of more than 25 million inhabitants, which does not exceed 34,500 infections and 925 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, is trying to accelerate its vaccination program, which has administered the full schedule to 19 percent of the population over 16 years and expected to finish by Christmas, two months later than planned.

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