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In the coronavirus blog, also gave you up-to-date information on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 about the consequences of the pandemic for Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg. It goes with me on Thursday morning a new blog further.

The essentials in brief:

  • Third corona case in the federal cabinet: Geywitz tested positive
  • Hamburg: Medical mask will soon be enough on buses and trains
  • Increase in corona incidence in all federal states in the north
  • Confirmed new infections: 2,820 in Schleswig-Holstein10,454 in Lower Saxony, 558 in Hamburg, 2,055 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and 725 in the state of Bremen
  • RKI: 95,811 new cases nationwide – seven-day incidence rises to 379.6

9:46 p.m

Coronavirus blog takes a break

That’s it for today with the coverage of the pandemic and its consequences in northern Germany. Thank you for your interest! Early Thursday morning we are back at work for you with a new blog. We wish you a good night.

5:55 p.m

725 new infections in the state of Bremen

The health authorities in the state of Bremen have registered 725 new corona infections – 598 in the municipality of Bremen and 127 in Bremerhaven. The seven-day incidence increases slightly in Bremen to 392.0 (previous day: 391.1) and in Bremerhaven from 382.2 the previous day to 408.6. The number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the state of Bremen has reached a new high of 825 (previous day: +2).

5:12 p.m

2,055 new corona infections in MV

The number of new corona infections registered in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has increased by 2,055 cases. That is 640 more cases than a week ago. The seven-day incidence of new infections nationwide is 468.0 (+39.4). The Vorpommern-Rügen district has the highest incidence with 544.0, the lowest in Schwerin with 418.8. The number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic is 2,461 (+-0) in MV. According to figures from the Ministry of Health, there are currently 26 people (+3) with Covid-19 in an intensive care unit. According to the intensive care register, 11 (+2) patients are invasively ventilated.

VIDEO: Corona MV: 7,540 new infections reported (1 min)

1:49 p.m

A consequence of the Oktoberfest? Incidence in Munich more than doubled

A good week and a half after the start of the Oktoberfest, the seven-day incidence passed the 500 mark both in the city of Munich and in the state of Bavaria. This is based on the latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute. For Bavaria as a whole, the value of 503.2 means an increase of a good 67 percent compared to the value a week ago. In Munich, it has more than doubled to 547 during this period. A connection between the particularly strong increase in Munich and the Oktoberfest cannot currently be proven, but it is obvious: there was also a sharp increase in the incidences at other folk festivals around a week and a half after the start. Often these were then increased for a good week. Experts had also predicted a “Wiesn wave” in the run-up to the Oktoberfest.

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11:09 a.m

Minister of Construction Geywitz fell ill with Corona again

Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz has been infected again with the corona virus. A press conference on the housing benefit reform was therefore canceled today. For the politician it is already the second corona disease, in January she also tested positive. There have been three corona cases in the cabinet since the beginning of the week: Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser are also infected and are isolating themselves.

08:00 a.m

Corona: “Much better conditions than last autumn”

The trend is clear: the nationwide number of corona infections is increasing again. So are we facing another uncomfortable Corona autumn? Not necessarily, says NDR science editor Korinna Hennig. Because the conditions are different than a year ago. “The vaccinations make a clear difference,” says Hennig. In addition, many would have already gone through one or more infections. This makes you more resistant to the virus, even if it changes.

Portrait photo of NDR Info editor Korinna Hennig.  © NDR

AUDIO: Corona: “Much better conditions than last autumn” (6 min)

7:41 a.m

Hamburg: Medical mask will soon be enough on buses and trains

From October, the federal states will have a free hand as to whether a mask requirement will continue to apply in local public transport. The new Infection Protection Act only regulates that the mask requirement on long-distance trains remains. Now it says: The Hamburg Senate does not want to do without the mask, but there should probably be a small change. Because a medical mask is already sufficient in the transport network in the neighboring federal states, wearing a medical mask will also be mandatory in Hamburg in the future for standardization – instead of an FFP2 mask as before. This was announced by the health authority.

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The current corona rules in Hamburg should remain largely unchanged. “We are now approaching months in which corona infections will of course continue to play a role – but we have reason to suspect that they will no longer dominate our entire everyday life,” said Health Senator Melanie Leonhard. The new Hamburg Corona Ordinance will be published by Friday at the latest and should apply from Saturday.

Further information

"Masks?  It's Klar." says a poster in a subway station.  © dpa Photo: Marcus Brandt

In Hamburg, masks will continue to be compulsory on buses and trains in the future. However, it will soon no longer have to be an FFP2 mask. more

06:25 am

RKI: Seven-day incidence in Hamburg decreased

In Hamburg, the seven-day incidence of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has fallen to 163.8, according to the Robert Koch Institute. Yesterday the value was 177, a week ago it was 141.8. 558 new infections were reported within 24 hours, compared to 1,306 yesterday.

06:22 a.m

Lower Saxony: According to the RKI, the incidence increases to almost 400

In Lower Saxony, the seven-day incidence of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has risen to 399.6, according to the Robert Koch Institute. Yesterday the value was 352.8, a week ago it was 305. 10,454 new infections were reported within 24 hours, yesterday it was 7,775.

06:20 a.m

RKI: Nationwide incidence at 379.6

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) currently gives the nationwide seven-day incidence of new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants at 379.6. The previous day the value was 334.9, a week ago it was 264.6. The health authorities in Germany recently reported 95,811 new infections to the RKI within one day.

06:15 a.m

Increase in corona incidence in Schleswig-Holstein

The corona incidence in Schleswig-Holstein has increased compared to the previous week. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week is now 326.4, as reported by the state registration office (previous week: 250.8). There was also an increase in the hospitalization incidence, which indicates how many patients per 100,000 inhabitants were newly admitted to hospitals with a corona infection within a week. The incidence here is currently 5.95 (previous week: 4.84). 2,820 new corona infections were reported, compared to 2,098 a week earlier.

Note on the current figures: The incidence values ​​do not provide a complete picture of the infection situation. Experts assume a high number of cases not recorded by the RKI – mainly because not all infected people have a PCR test done. However, only positive PCR tests are included in the official statistics. In addition, late registrations or transmission problems can lead to a distortion of individual daily values. In general, the number of new infections registered varies significantly from weekday to weekday, since many federal states do not transmit them to the RKI, especially at weekends, and report their cases later in the week.

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Corona live ticker starts on Wednesday

Good morning from the editorial team! Also today – on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – we want to inform you about the effects of Corona in northern Germany with our live ticker. Here you will find all the important news from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays) as well as content from the NDR radio and television programs. You can read what happened yesterday in Tuesday’s blog.

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