Coronavirus | Brazil: A mayor announced the opening of shops “whoever dies”

The mayor of a municipality of Brazil which has 100% capacity of hospitals to care for patients with the COVID-19 announced that The next July 9 will open the store “whoever dies”.

The president’s statement appears in a video released this Thursday by social networks by inhabitants of Itabuna, a municipality in the state of Bay which became a trend in Twitter on behalf of his burgomaster.

“Then, with the doubt and with ours dying for a bed in Itabuna, I will transfer that opening (of commerce). I ordered the decree to be published on the 8th, so that on the 9th it opens, whoever dies“said the mayor Fernando Gomes during an interview on Wednesday.

The city has remained in social confinement since March and had planned to start the reopening of commercial activities this Thursday, July 2, but decided to postpone the date due to the lack of Intensive Care Units (ICU) for patients with COVID-19.

Itabuna, a municipality of 200,000 inhabitants and only has 30 beds for patient care with the COVID-19, it already totals 2,637 confirmed cases and 58 deaths from the disease.

After the controversy and criticism caused by the statements of Mayor Gomes, the municipality released a statement noting that his words had been “misinterpreted”.

The Northeast is one of the most impoverished regions of Brazil, as well as one of the most affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus, with nearly 20,000 deaths and 500,000 infected, practically a third of the country’s total.



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