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This Wednesday President Iván Duque received 200 fans donated by the United States Government. In addition, the donation of 7 million dollars was announced for Colombia to attend to the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

According to the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Seth Goldberg, that country has delivered more than $ 30 million in aid since the pandemic began.

The ambassador also said that with donations Donald Trump’s commitment to President Duke is being honored to support Colombians in their fight against covid-19.

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“Nation state joins the $ 8.5 million aid package announced in April this year to support Colombia’s response to the virus. The fans we are delivering today represent thousands of lives that will be saved in the coming months; especially, the lives of the most vulnerable, “said Seth Goldberg.

According to the ambassador, for more than half a century, the United States has been the largest contributor to global health security and humanitarian assistance, and highlighted that the United States was the first country to donate fifteen fans to Colombia, at the beginning of the crisis.

The donation will expand the capacity of the Intensive Care Units available, with equipment and materials to deal with this crisis. So, Seth Goldberg assured that health plays an essential role in the development of a nation and that behind the surrender is the desire to save lives.

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“The most important thing is to take care of the most vulnerable. This well-being includes the economic well-being of the country and all Colombians. Therefore, We have directed funds through several of our projects to support the recovery of economic activity to companies, and people so that they can return to their work activities. ASAP”.

In addition, the ambassador announced an additional contribution of seven million dollars to strengthen food security in areas of Colombia with high levels of displacement.

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“With this contribution, The total amount of aid provided by the United States Government to face the pandemic in Colombia amounts to more than 30 million dollars. Our commitment is to continue working with Colombia with all partners to support them in their prevention, mitigation and recovery efforts. We will continue working, adjusting our strategies to face the current challenge and the consequences that this pandemic will leave in our countries. We are together in this fight and together we will move forward, “the ambassador concluded.

President Iván Duque thanked the donation and said that the fans will be to attend to critical cases of coronavirus in the country.

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In the same way, Luis Guillermo Plata, the manager for comprehensive care of the covid-19 pandemic thanked the government of the United States and Larry Sacks, of USAID Colombia, “for all their efforts to make possible the arrival of these 200 fans in Colombia.”

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