coronavirus concentrations increase dangerously

Concentrations of coronavirus heredity measured in wastewater increased at most sampling sites according to week 46 data.

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The hereditary substance of the coronavirus is still present in large quantities in the wastewater, according to a statement issued by the National Center for Public Health on Tuesday. As written, the average concentration of coronavirus hereditary material in wastewater samples remains high and most of the samples show a stagnant trend. A decrease can be observed in two cities, Szekszárd and Szolnok.

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However, it was added that the concentration of coronavirus heredity in wastewater falls into the elevated category at most sampling sites.

The NNK warned that those with symptoms should not go to the community but stay at home and notify their GP by phone. They also ask people to keep a distance of one and a half meters, wear a mask on public transport, and wash their hands often and thoroughly. The NNK recommends that everyone take the opportunity to be vaccinated.

Source: National Center for Public Health