Coronavirus, data – 5,321 cases in 24 hours, but the positivity rate rises to 3.17%. Over 100 hospitalized with additional symptoms. Another 5 dead

As usual at the weekend, the cases of coronavirus daily recorded in Italy. According to the latest bulletin released by the Ministry of Health, they are 5,321 people tested positive to the tests, against 6,513 yesterday. This, however, in the face of a sharp decline in the number of tampons carried out which go from 264,860 yesterday to 167,761 today, with the rate of positivity which thus rises up to 3.17%, a sharp increase compared to 2.4% yesterday, when there was a decrease compared to the previous day. However, the dead which today are just 5, against 16 yesterday.

There are also 1,250 people discharged and healed from Covid in the last 24 hours, not enough to lower the number of currently positive which, on the other hand, continues to rise to 91,350, up by 4,065 in one day. Numbers that cause an inevitable increase in hospitalizations in Italian Covid wards. If in intensive care the growth remains in line with that of the past weeks, with 16 more beds occupied, for a total of 230 throughout Italy, the greatest increase is recorded in terms of hospitalizations in other departments: 103 more people entered today, with the total rising to 1,954.

The progression of the pandemic in the country is more noticeable when comparing this week’s numbers with those of 7 days ago. We recorded 8 thousand more infections, going from 29,972 to 37,959, with the average incidence on molecular tampons rising from 4.4% last Sunday to 5.5% today. Deaths are also on the rise, from 82 to 119, a fairly modest growth, a bit like that relating to admissions to intensive care, which went from 95 last week to 123 in the one just ended. On the other hand, there is a net increase in hospitalizations in other departments which this week recorded a +562 against the +256 of seven days ago.

Analyzing the data region by region it can be seen that in absolute numbers the most affected today is the Lazio with 716 cases. They follow the Tuscany with 702, theEmilia Romagna with 606, the Sicily with 581 and the Lombardy with 522.

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