Coronavirus: four new deaths in the province of Santa Fe

The Ministry of Health reported this afternoon of four new deaths from coronavirus in the province of Santa Fe. One of them was from the city of Rosario, while the remaining deaths are of people who were natives of Casilda, Venado Tuerto and Santo Tomé.

In Rosario’s case, it is an 85-year-old man with comorbidities, who had been hospitalized since August 24.

An 88-year-old woman from the city of Casilda who presented comorbidities also died. She had been hospitalized since August 22.

A 62-year-old woman from the city of São Tomé also lost her life as a result of the virus. She had multiple comorbidities. She had been hospitalized since August 19 in a private facility in that city.

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The fourth fatality is a 67-year-old man who had comorbidities and lived in the town of Labordeboy. He was admitted to an effector in the city of Venado Tuerto.

So far, 67 deaths from coronavirus in the province of Santa Fe.

These deaths are added to the five cases confirmed yesterday by the Ministry of Health of the province, who were natives of Monte Vera (a man of 49 years); two men from Rosario (64 and 85 years old), and two women from Rosario (54 and 90 years old).

In this way, since the beginning of the pandemic there have been 67 fatalities in the province, with 21 deceased people living in Rosario (twelve men between 56 and 85 years old, and nine women between 54 and 90 years old) and fifteen from Casilda (eight men between 18 and 93 years old and seven women between 28 and 97).

In addition, there were a total of five deaths from Santo Tomé (two men aged 77 and 86 and three women, one aged 67 and two aged 88), in Venado Tuerto there were four (two men aged 67 and 70 and two women aged 67 and 93) and also three in San José de la Esquina (one man aged 84 and two women aged 68 and 88), while two men aged 66 and 72 died in San Lorenzo).

There were also deaths of a resident of Capitán Bermúdez (an 88-year-old man), Carreras (a 90-year-old man), Ceres (a 76-year-old man), Correa (a 48-year-old man), Fuentes (a 90-year-old man). years), Granadero Baigorria (a 71-year-old man), Las Toscas (a 67-year-old man), Los Molinos (a 59-year-old woman), Monte Vera (a 49-year-old man), Pavón (a 93-year-old woman ), Pérez (a 74-year-old man), Rafaela (a 64-year-old man), Recreo (a 64-year-old man), Santa Fe (a 62-year-old man), Villa Constitución (a 63-year-old man), Villa Governor Gálvez (an 89-year-old woman) and Zavalla (an 89-year-old woman).


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