Coronavirus: Gb, Leicester at risk of lockdown for an outbreak in a food industry – World

The city of Leicester, central England, is likely to be placed in lockdown due to an increase in coronavirus cases. This was announced by the British Interior Minister at the BBC.
“Health Minister Matt Hancock has initiated a series of measures to support Leicester such as carpet testing and resources to local authorities,” said Patel. In the city, 658 new cases were registered in two weeks due to an outbreak in a food company and gatherings outside restaurants and kiosks.
The minister explained that there have been “new explosions” of the virus in Britain in the past three to four weeks. “As far as local outbreaks are concerned – he added – it is preferable to find ad hoc solutions such as spacing and monitoring of infections”.
“We must all be very conscientious about a second wave because there would be nothing more harmful for the country and for our economy,” said Patel.




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