Coronavirus, Gimbe report: “On the fourth doses of vaccine, no wait-and-see strategy. That’s why it’s risky to wait for autumn”

A “Wait-and-see strategy” on the fourth doses pending the vaccines “Updated” in the fall “can be very risky”. In front of a campagna dedicated to immunocompromessi e over 80 that does not take off, Gimbe raises the alarm by recalling that “the evidence of efficacy” of the second booster “in reducing hospitalizations and deaths is increasingly consolidated”. In the last monitoring weekly, the foundation led by Nino Cartabellotta remember that on 11 May they were administered 166,483 fourth doses to the immunocompromised with a coverage rate of up to 21%while it is worse among the over 80, frail and guests of the RSA with 384.600 fourth doses equal to8,7% of the stalls.

In Gimbe’s opinion, there are three reasons that make it dangerous “Slowness” of the administrations, defined as a “spy of one meandering hesitation vaccine “, often” fueled by questionable health advice “that” invite you to wait for the autumn “to” carry out the further booster with updated vaccines “: there is” no certainty “about when these vaccines will be available, the data show both the “gradual decline in vaccination efficacy” on severe illness is a “high mortality in the over 80s already covered with the third dose “and at the same time” the evidence of efficacy of the fourth dose in reducing hospitalizations and deaths “. For this reason, says President Cartabellotta, “the fourth dose must be done immediately” taking into account both “the particular fragility of the audience at risk and of the high circulation viral”.

An invitation in this sense, in recent days, had also come from the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza who had remembered how the mortality from Covid in recent weeks is mainly concentrated in age range 80-85 and also had clearly emphasized how the institutional communication plays an important role in convincing the audience to have a new booster inoculated. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the regional strategies are returning profoundly different results, as Gimbe herself notes: “Le unacceptable inequalities regional coverage with the fourth doses demonstrate that the strategies of active call they are much more effective than the voluntary booking “. The photography is sharp: coverage rates range from 3.8% of the immunocompromised Molise to 73.1% of Piedmontwhile among the over 80 the percentages fluctuate from 2.4 of the Calabria to 18 still of Piedmont. In this scenario, the viral circulation continues to slow down with a number of new cases 27.5% lower in the weekly comparison “compared, however, with a 23.6% drop in tampons totals, ”reports Gimbe.


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