Coronavirus has increased the demand for computers. Both Dell and HP report higher profits

Dell’s net profit more than quadrupled to $ 3.9 billion ($ 88.3 billion) in the three months to the end of October. Sales rose 21 percent to $ 28.4 billion. Sales of the client solutions division, which includes computers and laptops, rose 35 percent as companies upgraded their computer systems to meet the demands of working from home. Revenues from the infrastructure solutions division, which includes data centers, increased by five percent.

HP’s net profit rose about 360 percent to $ 3.1 billion. Revenue increased nine percent to $ 16.7 billion. Sales of the personnel systems division increased by 13 percent.

Dell and HP are among the top three personal computer manufacturers in the world. According to research companies IDC and Gartner, the Chinese company Lenovo was number one in the third quarter. It was followed by HP and Dell. According to IDC, global PC shipments rose nearly four percent year-over-year to 86.7 million devices in the third quarter, but market growth was hampered by supply chain outages.