Coronavirus in Antioquia: Girardota returns to curfew and peak and ID – Medellín – Colombia

Due to the increase in covid-19 cases, the municipality of Girardota, located north of the Aburrá valley, will return from today Saturday with the curfew measures, in addition to peak and cedula.

This was announced by Mayor Diego Agudelo, who said that these measures were taken because during the last week the threshold of 90 cases of coronavirus was passed.

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“On many occasions they have heard me lean towards the economy, maintaining measures so that this sector is not harmed. On this occasion, I must move to the other side, towards health. We must adopt measures that we have already taken because the issue of the pandemic in Girardota cannot be overwhelmed by us, ”explained the local president.

Thus, from today Saturday and until 11:59 p.m. on November 22 (Sunday) there will be a peak and double-digit ID per day for the inhabitants and visitors of this municipality. Today it will be for 0-1; Sunday, 2-3; Monday, 4-5; Tuesday; 6 and 7; Wednesday, 8 and 9; Thursday, 0 and 1; and Friday, 2-3.

“This will be for the purchase in any commercial establishment around the main park and one more block outside it. It is not going to be allowed to be sold without pick and ID. Supermarkets outside the area must also sell with pick and ID and they must comply with the minimum of biosafety protocols ”, Agudelo specified.

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The other measure is the curfew, which will also be from today Saturday until November 22. It will be every night, from 10:00 pm to 4:30 am the next day.

“People who must move for work reasons, must request a letter, a letter or document from the company that proves that they must move for work. Restaurants and drugstores will be able to continue with their addresses until 12 at night ”, said the mayor.

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For some inhabitants of the municipality, these measures are not the most successful, as Héctor Muñoz says: “While the economy reopens throughout the country, the park sector closes here again as if the covid only hit the park, but buses and taxis can all go like a can of sardines ”.

It should be noted that it is the only municipality in the Aburrá valley with these restrictive measures, although This entire subregion of Antioquia, where Medellín is, already had a curfew last holiday weekend and a similar measure is expected for the next one, which will be between November 14 and 16.




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