Coronavirus in Argentina: the City decreed the mandatory use of chinstraps in means of transport, shops and public offices

Through a decree, the city of Buenos Aires established the obligatory use of protection elements that cover the nose, mouth and chin to enter or remain in commercial premises, in public service units and in public transport.

The decree takes effect on Wednesday, April 15. Likewise, the Buenos Aires Government recommends the use of protection elements that cover the nose, mouth and chin in any other area or place other than those mentioned above.

In the arguments of the decision, they maintain that one of the main characteristics of the Covid 19 coronavirus is its high transmissibility and contagion capacity, the one that is still present in people who have been infected but are asymptomatic.

For this reason -the text says- the City “has highlighted” that the massive use of protection elements that cover the mouth, nose and chin is necessary, those that “used correctly have a relevant function to avoid the transmissibility of the virus”.

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