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By: María Elena Hidalgo and Joel Robles

Between indignant and tearful, Miriam Cajavilca Vega affirms that she sought a bed in the Intensive care unit in at least twenty clinics. A bed for 17 days for his father, Juan Cajavilca Salinas, a teacher and leader of his 50-year-old sutepista. Cajavilca died of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. He only got a bed in the Almenara hospital, but it was not a bed FIA.

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Not even the agreements recently signed by the State With private clinics, he allowed Juan Cajavilca’s family to hope to avoid his death.

“I feel that they have left him. I’m left with that feeling that because of his age they have left him aside and they haven’t given him a bed FIA. I looked everywhere for a covenant clinic but my dad was never referred. I looked everywhere, but unfortunately I did not have 40,000 or 80,000 soles to pay (what the clinics asked me), ”he says.

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Twenty-two days after the signing of contracts between the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) and the private clinics of Lima and provinces for the care of seriously ill patients by Covid-19, not a single infected person has managed to be derived from public hospital centers to the signatory clinics to be attended and obtain a mechanical ventilator that allows him to continue living.

Since last July 4, each time hospitals communicate with contracted clinics to transfer a patient infected with the new coronavirus and in a state of seriousness, they receive the response that they do not have beds with mechanical fans, according to sources related to the case. The same refusal was given private clinics Miriam Cajavilca when she looked for an ICU bed for her dad.

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As part of the fulfillment of contracts with the Comprehensive Health System (SIS) and EsSalud, only one patient has been treated. In this case it was the Stella Maris clinic, but the person reached the place on her own, she was not referred by any hospital. The case has been regularized by the SIS as part of the agreement with the clinic.

The clinics signed the contracts stating that they had a certain number of ICU beds available for patients insured by the State. But when hospitals began requiring ICU beds, private clinics responded that, unfortunately, these had been occupied by their patients, according to sources related to the case.

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Miriam Cajavilca reported that she requested the transfer of her father to the Ate Hospital or to a clinic to receive an ICU bed, but EsSalud He simply replied that no private health entity had answered the request.

“The State is creating care opportunities through clinics, but those opportunities do not crystallize because they put the interests of their private patients before the patients of EsSalud and the SIS. They argue that they are obligated to care for their private patients, they are their priority. Every time it is called, we only receive the answer that the beds are occupied, ”the sources explained.

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This newspaper attempted to communicate with the spokesperson for the Association of Private Clinics, Sebastián Céspedes, but received no response.

So far, 26 private clinics have signed a contract with the SIS, the institution responsible for paying the service provided to the patient. In this way, at least on paper the availability of 38 contracted bed services was achieved FIA with its respective fan, which is what the contract requires.

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Miriam Cajavilca assures that she visited all the clinics of the agreement and found nothing.

“My father has clung to life for 17 days, but he did not get a mechanical fan. They have not given him a chance to live. Despite this, I am proud of my father because he carried out his virtual education projects that sought to improve the quality of teaching ”, she expressed with emotion.

Clinics offered 38 ICU beds

The private medical entity with the most contracted services is the International Clinic, which last Thursday contracted 10 more packages, bringing it to 12.

The second to offer more packages is the Stella Maris clinic, with two ICU beds and their respective mechanical ventilator. The rest of the clinics have only made one available.

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There are 38 ICU beds with a mechanical fan. There are 38 life opportunities. But clinics prioritize their patients.

In the coming days, the SIS will launch a third call to clinics that wish to contract services with the SIS.

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