Confusion on the island: Many Britons are too vague about the latest exit restrictions in their country in the fight against the corona pandemic. Police chiefs reported Tuesday that they were receiving a flood of questions that they could not answer.

According to critics, the sporting activities that are allowed outside once a day are not precisely defined. The leader of the Labor opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, asked for clarification as to which workplaces must now be closed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had given his countrymen a speech to the nation on Monday evening to leave their own four walls as little as possible from now on. Meetings of more than two people are prohibited. The house should only be left for the purchase of essential items such as food and medicine, for the way to work and once a day for sports. Shops that are not used for basic services would have to close immediately. Britain had waited a long time to tighten the measures compared to other European countries.

Contradictory statements from government and London mayor

While the British government said, according to Telegraph, that construction workers could go to work if they were two meters apart, London Mayor and Labor politician Sadiq Khan said they should only work if it serves security.

Media reports and social media showed photos of full platforms and trains in London, on which people are much closer than recommended. Other pictures showed largely empty trains.

A nurse told the German Press Agency that, as a precaution, she would rather walk 40 minutes than take the subway to her clinic. She did not want to endanger herself and the patients.

“We have to stop all unnecessary trips,” Mayor Khan said. “Ignoring these rules means losing more lives.” More employers would have to offer employees to work from home. Several employees of the transport company are already infected or in self-isolation. It is even said to have been threatened with strikes. The metro and bus traffic in the metropolis is already greatly reduced, as is the rail traffic across the country.

The head of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Ken Marsh, spoke of a major challenge at Sky News and was skeptical about whether the police would be able to enforce the rules with the available personnel.

Companies also have problems with the new regulations: a company for sporting goods has unsuccessfully opposed the closure – on the grounds that its equipment is crucial for the fight against the novel pathogen.

Recently, a number of Britons had ignored the government’s recommendations. For example, crowds of people strolled through the parks in London at the weekend in fine weather, and subways were crowded. Also in the Snowdonia Mountains in Wales, in the Scottish Highlands and in Cornwall in the south west of England, many people continued to go on trips.

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