Coronavirus. Investigation of patients with heart failure

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It is a call for witnesses launched by the Heart Failure & Cardiomyopathies Group of the French Society of Cardiology for the benefit of its patients. Access to care was complicated at the time of confinement: unscheduled consultations and patients themselves reluctant to consult in the city or in the hospital , regrets Professor Erwan Donal, of the cardiology department at the Rennes University Hospital.

During confinement, “telemonitoring was a precious aid”

What happened during the two months of confinement for these people with severe heart disease, responsible for more than 200,000 hospitalizations and 70,000 deaths each year in France? Heart failure (heart failure) can be destabilized during an infection, and Covid-19 of course. However, any delay in treatment worsens the prognosis … In addition, the treatment of the CI must be adjusted, every month in “peacetime”. What was not the case here, even if fortunately, tempers Professor Donal, telemonitoring (connected scales, transmission of quality of life questionnaires generating alerts, etc.) was a valuable aid.

What interpretation of Covid-19 symptoms?

The objective of the survey is therefore to understand how these “severe” patients, who are currently fleeing the hospital, see the course of events, and their follow-up, particularly in the short and medium term. This observational study is also a way to assess how the patients respected their lifestyle, salt-free diet, physical activity and weight. The way they interpreted their symptoms (including shortness of breath) and fatigue, in particular, in this unique situation.

To participate in this survey: in France; in Ille-et-Vilaine; In Nantes.



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