Coronavirus Italy Bulletin: dead, infected, healed on November 21.

Coronavirus Italy: the updated situation relating to deaths, newly infected and healed. Focus also on the number of hospitalizations. This is today’s Bulletin, November 21st.

Coronavirus, here is the official bulletin of the Civil Protection for November 21 (yesterday’s numbers in brackets):

  • Infected 791,746 (yesterday 777,176).
  • 539,524 healed (yesterday 520,022).
  • 49,261 died (48,569 yesterday).

The numbers of hospitalizations.

According to the latest data communicated by the regions and processed by the civil protection, this is the situation of the inmates.

  • 3,758 (yesterday 3,748) the hospitalized in intensive care;
  • 37.821 (yesterday 37.705) i total hospitalizations including people with mild and moderate symptoms.

The figures are worsening even if they indicate a first slowdown, compared to the growth trend of recent weeks.

The latest DPCM have “respected” this trend, gradually inserting restrictive measures that are increasingly intrusive and increasingly drastic, albeit necessary.

DPCM, all restrictions for Red Zone, Orange Zone and Yellow Zone.

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There are hundreds of millions of positives in the world and every day the geographical expansion of the epidemic increases.

The Italian government has extended the state of emergency until 31 January.

The health authorities of many realities are already in an emergency, with makeshift arrangements in outpatient spaces, operating theaters and even chapels and waiting rooms.

In particular, intensive care and low intensity care were the two levels of setting that are suffering the most given the growing number of hospitalized patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has compared this possibility with the historical facts that characterized the Spanish pandemic.

This for two consecutive autumns had rather important epidemiological returns, claiming millions of victims on all continents, also due to the inadequacy of the treatments of the time.

This is today’s bulletin. The editorial staff of recommends everyone to respect the restrictions in force.

And he sends his heartfelt thanks to Healthcare Staff, Law Enforcement, Volunteers and all those who are working on the front line against this global epidemic.

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