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From 1 July, the EU travel certificate is triggered

The Green Pass, or the European digital Covid certificate as it has been renamed after numerous nominalistic fluctuations, will help restore greater freedom of movement in the EU starting next July 1st, even if it is not the magic bullet that will solve everything. However, it is “good news” for European citizens, emphasizes the negotiator of the European Parliament, the Spanish socialist Fernando Lopez Aguilar, president of the Libe commission, who will vote on the agreement reached between the Council and Parliament on the regulation next week, before the vote. in plenary between 7 and 10 June.

A regulation, an immediately effective “European law”, is in any case better than the alternative: a Babel of “national”, if not “regional” certificates, which would mean “confusion, arbitrariness, insecurity and discrimination”. The regulation will then be effective from 1 July, once approved by the Council and published in the EU Official Journal. Traveling in Europe in time of the Covid-19 pandemic will remain quite complicated, although much less than now and, it is the hope, even compared to the summer of 2020, a “nightmare”, as Aguilar defines it, who comes from the Canary Islands . The main reason for this complication is that the EU is not a federal state and has limited competences: things can only be simplified up to a certain point.

The competences remain mainly national, with 27 Member States, and this inevitably entails complications, even if the certificate will be governed by a regulation, a provision that has the force of law in all States. The agreement between the Council and Parliament resulted in a proposal which, according to negotiator Lopez Aguilar, is much better than the Commission’s proposal and the Council’s negotiating position, in every “single article”.


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