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Coronavirus Lazio, the latest news and the bulletin with the cases of today 2 November. LIVE

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In Lazio, 1,859 people tested positive for Coronavirus compared to 19,574 swabs

The new LIVE with all the updates of today in Lazio

Out of 19,574 swabs today in Lazio, 1,859 positive cases were recorded.

The former Roma captain, Francesco Totti, also tested positive for Coronavirus (ALL UPDATES – MAPS AND GRAPHICS OF THE INFECTIONS)

19:20 – Lazio crisis unit tomorrow meets Anaao Assomed Lazio in the Region

“Tomorrow a meeting has been convened in the Region with the Regional Secretary of Anaao-Assomed Lazio, Guido Coen Tirelli to address the issues raised by the doctors’ union. Right now the priority task is the protection of the sick and all health workers in the fight against the pandemic “. This was announced by the Covid-19 Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region

18:39 – Trade unions: “Health at risk stop, the Region will convene us”

“With 6,500 retirements in two years and a thousand Covid positive health workers, in addition to the shortages of staff produced in all health and hospital companies in the last decade, without an extraordinary recruitment plan, the health system in Lazio risks stopping. And the danger is that this happens precisely at the moment of greatest need “. Thus in a note Giancarlo Cenciarelli, Roberto Chierchia and Sandro Bernardini, general secretaries respectively of Fp Cgil Rome and Lazio, Cisl Fp Lazio and Uil Fpl Rome and Lazio. The trade unionists speak of “enormous concern” arising from the data collected by the trade union organizations themselves through a census carried out in all the structures of the region and write to the Lazio Region asking for a “very urgent meeting, to be held within the week, also to redefine the choices relating to relocation of non-Covid specialist activities “. “The recruitments made in the last year – they say – have partly allowed the stabilization of personnel who already worked on a fixed-term basis and partly filled the gap in terminations, but they are dramatically insufficient. Without considering that the staff in service suffers a situation of profound discomfort “for the respective contractual situations. “And then there is the question of the impoverishment of the public system in favor of private profits” add the trade unionists.

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17:36 – Rome under 1000 cases, Viterbo at close risk

In Lazio the infections for now secure the capital, on the second day under a thousand cases, from scenarios of additional restrictions while among the provinces to risk the most is Viterbo with a decided increase that today records 233 infected. The mayor of Viterbo, also taking into account a growth in infections among students, is preparing to extend distance learning also to compulsory school, ie elementary and middle school. The Latina area follows with 161 new cases, Frosinone with 87 and Rieti with 53 infected.

17:23 – In Lazio 1,859 new cases out of 20 thousand swabs

“Out of almost 20,000 tampons in Lazio today (-3,368 compared to yesterday) there are 1,859 positive cases (-492), 23 deaths (+4) and 159 recovered (+27)”. Thus the regional councilor Alessio D’Amato. “The ratio between positives and swabs drops (9%)” adds the commissioner underlining: “After a week we drop below 2 thousand cases at the regional level and for the second consecutive day below a thousand in Rome. It is still too early to understand the stability of the curve “.

16:47 – Rome Chamber of Commerce: “Very difficult situation”

44% of companies in Rome expected a second wave of infections but only 37% did not think it was of such intensity. Furthermore, 88% of companies have not recovered the activity levels of last year and only for 9% the containment measures taken will have no repercussions on the future. This is the situation of SMEs designed by the Rome Chamber of Commerce in the face of the second wave of infections. “The situation is very difficult. Companies are ready for even more severe restrictive measures, provided they are of limited duration and in exchange for adequate compensation. Institutions must do their part by working in synergy and without pauses”, says Lorenzo Tagliavanti, president of the Cciaa of Rome. According to the data of the Permanent Observatory set up by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, which has prepared a report that focuses on the “second wave” of Covid-19 and on the expectations of entrepreneurs also regarding the measures to be taken, the resurgence of the virus has substantially impacted the recovery : 44% of companies expected a second wave of infections like the one we are experiencing, while 37% did not think it was of such intensity, 19% thought that the spread of the virus was now under control. Companies face the “second wave” in a situation of greater vulnerability than in the scenario of March and in fact 88% of companies had not recovered the levels of activity of last year, 11% had recovered the levels of last year and only 1% experienced higher levels of activity. Furthermore, 67% of companies that did not reach last year’s levels indicate a decrease in turnover of more than 20%. As for the measures, only 19% of companies think that the current measures are sufficient to contain the contagion; for 53% of companies it would be necessary to carry out lockdowns limited to the areas of greatest contagion. Due to the consequences of the measures, 17% of companies think that the current measures could definitively compromise the possibility of continuing their business, while for 57% of cases the containment measures must remain in force for a short time. Only 9% of companies believe that the approved social containment measures will not have a significant impact on their business. It should be noted that 17% of companies believe that the measures are necessary to continue the business in the future “.

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15:42 – 53 positives in the Reatino area

“As a result of the investigations carried out in the last 24 hours, 53 new subjects positive for the Covid-19 test are registered”. This is what the daily bulletin of the Asl di Rieti announces. There are also 3 victims, a 67-year-old woman (hospitalized in intensive care), an 80-year-old man and a 64-year-old man (hospitalized in Covid wards). The contacts in home surveillance are 214, those currently positive in Reatino are 860. In the last 24 hours 281 nasopharyngeal swabs were performed in drive-in mode.

14:31 – Francesco Totti positive for coronavirus

Positive at Covid-19 also Francesco Totti, who lost his father on 12 October due to the virus. Mother had also been affected, albeit in a mild form. The news of the positivity of the former number 10 was confirmed by ANSA by a person close to the former player.

13:19 – Positive at Fiumicino rise again: 140

The upward trend of infections at Covid 19 in Fiumicino continues: the new peak is 140 positives, seven more than yesterday. “It is clear that in this situation, which affects many areas of the country, the Government and Regions will decide on new restrictive measures. A new provision by the Prime Minister is expected in the next few hours, decided in agreement with the presidents of the Regions, taking into account the indications of the committee technical-scientific ”, the comment of the mayor Esterino Montino.

7:20 – In Lazio 2,351 new cases

Out of about 23,000 tampons yesterday in Lazio, 2,351 positive cases (+62), 19 deaths (-3) and 108 recovered were recorded. The ratio between positives and tampons rises (10%), the figure takes into account the decline in tampons over the weekend.

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