Coronavirus: maxi gathering in church South Korea, 300 cases – Asia

Over 300 people linked to the Sarang Jeil church in Seoul have tested positive for the coronavirus. CNN reports it. The South Korean authorities have decided to denounce the head pastor of the Church, Jun Kwang-hoon, for having ignored the anti-Covid-19 measures and in any case organized maxi-gatherings. Over 4,066 have recently attended church, according to police, but of these 550 have not left their contacts and 495 have not answered the phone. Of the people who recently attended the Sarang Jeil Protestant Church in Seoul, 1,207 were tested for coronavirus and 305 tested positive. The others are waiting to take the exam. At a press conference today, church and reverend lawyers assured that they have always cooperated with the authorities and announced that they will sue the government for defamation. The Seoul government explained that all 7,560 churches in the capital have been banned from holding large gatherings due to the Covid pandemic, with the exception of weekly masses during which the faithful must maintain social distancing.




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