Coronavirus. Nearly 340,000 deaths worldwide

Of the 5,250,658 cases of Covid infection, 339,758 deaths have been recorded, particularly in Europe, the continent most affected with 2,003,510 cases and 173,186 deaths, and in the United States (1,604,879 cases, including 96 125 dead). The number of cases reported worldwide has doubled in one month and more than 250,000 new cases have been registered in less than three days. Since the count made on Friday 4,179 new deaths and 100,671 new cases have been recorded worldwide.

The number of cases diagnosed only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infections, with a large number of countries testing only severe cases or lacking screening capacity.

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The United States still has the most deaths

After the United States, the most affected countries are the United Kingdom with 36,675 deaths for 257,154 cases, Italy with 32,735 deaths (229,327 cases), Spain with 28,678 deaths (235,290 cases) , and France with 28,332 deaths (182,469 cases).

Among the countries hardest hit, Belgium is the one that deplores the highest number of deaths compared to its population, with 80 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Spain (61), Italy (54), the United Kingdom (54), and France (43).

China (excluding the territories of Hong Kong and Macao), where the epidemic began in late December, officially counted a total of 82,971 cases, including 4,634 deaths and 78,258 recoveries.

South America, the “new epicenter” of the disease

Latin America and the Caribbean are now the region where the disease is progressing the most: 33,719 new cases registered on May 22 (compared to 28,647 in the United States and Canada, and 20,867 in Europe). The number of daily cases has so far increased most rapidly in the United States / Canada region.

The World Health Organization said on Friday that South America was “A new epicenter” of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a particularly alarming situation in Brazil.

The increase in Latin America and the Caribbean (685,508 cases including 37,762 deaths at Saturday) is largely linked to the increase in cases in Brazil (330,890 cases, a figure which doubled in 12 days), but also to Peru (111,698), Chile (65,393) and Mexico (62,597).


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