One thing in common: these are closed places where many people spend a lot of time, without masks.

Lhe Covid-19 contamination mainly takes place in restaurants, gyms and cafes, according to a new study from Stanford University published in the journal Nature.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers used a computer model using demographic data, epidemiological estimates and anonymous GSM data. This model analyzed where people went, how long they stayed there and how many people were in the place they went. Unsurprisingly, most of the contaminations took place in enclosed spaces where many people had spent a lot of time.

Between March and May, the system – which also takes into account people’s ethnic and financial characteristics – analyzed the behavior of some 98 million people in 10 major US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC, detailed the team behind this study, supervised by Jure Leskovec.

In this context, travel to 553,000 places, including restaurants, sports halls, pet shops or religious institutions, were studied. This model should allow the authorities to refine the measures taken to fight the pandemic, finally estimated the researchers.


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