Coronavirus. School leaders already “exhausted” by the start of the school year

Thirty-two schools and 524 classes are currently closed due to Covid-19 cases, according to government spokesman Gabriel Attal. The instructions areclear “, recognizes Philippe Vincent, the secretary general of the National Union of National Education Management Staff (SNPDEN). It is their interpretation that is complicated, given the multiplicity of cases. What worries the principals and the principals.

39% of school leaders say they are exhausted ten days after the start of the school year. Worrisome, right?

Yes. The indicators are orange. Almost one in two colleagues who went on vacation exhausted in mid-July has not recovered. It is questionable whether the heads of establishments are able to cope with all that can potentially happen to them. At the same time, there is a desire to resume which is fairly shared, because we all had a bad experience of school at home, with the feeling that we were not really fulfilling our educational mission.

Are you sufficiently trained?

We are trained in short-term crisis management, such as intrusion or terrorist attacks, which can be resolved in a few hours or half a day. But not to a repeated crisis, with very different episodes, and which will obviously last. There is something here that taps into the personal resources of colleagues. Some were not prepared for it, or not enough.

Are the instructions clear enough for you?

Yes. From three confirmed cases in different classes of the same level, possibility of level closure; from three confirmed cases in different classes and levels, possibility of school or establishment closure. But they need to be improved in their practice. This morning, I had my first confirmed case of Covid. I called the unique number set up by the authorities. We never managed to reach them …

What have you done ?

We had identified potentially 81 contact cases for our student: students in his class, teachers, supervisors. However, the text says that the “contact” must have lasted more than fifteen minutes, face to face, or in very close proximity, without a mask on both sides. This pupil was new, he hardly knows anyone in the establishment. Finally, it was judged that he had no contact cases that matched the criteria. So I decided, alone, not to close a class. If the ARS tells me, tomorrow, to do the opposite, I will change my mind.



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