Coronavirus: several classes in fourteen in the agglomeration of Chartres

Four students from the metropolitan area of ​​Chartres are positive for Covid-19, leading to fourteen classes.
Chartres. The Hélène-Boucher college, the largest college in the department with 970 students, has its first case since Wednesday. A 4th class of 27 students has been temporarily closed since Thursday. The sports teacher who was in contact with the pupil concerned during a badminton lesson practiced without a mask is also isolated.

Covid-19: a professional cluster reported in Eure-et-Loir

Lucé. Two schools are concerned: the Pierre-Mendès-France elementary school, where the positive case is an 8-year-old child, and the neighboring kindergarten of Les Béguines, where the pupil is 4 years old. These two children tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday. Their state of health is not worrying, according to our information. Their two classes were temporarily closed as of Thursday. This fortnight concerns about fifty children, as well as the two teachers who supervise them.

Covid-19: three additional deaths in the Center-Val de Loire region

Shiny. The Henri-Ramolet school complex also has a positive case. A class of middle and large section of twenty-two schoolchildren is in fourteen.
Consequences. Each class closure for fourteen days initiates the same actions “in order to penalize students as little as possible in their learning, with the establishment of distance courses for the students concerned”, assured, last night, Évelyne Mège, academic director of the National Education services in Eure-et-Loir. “Ensuring pedagogical continuity is one of our priorities. “

Two classes closed in Lucé, after two students tested positive for Covid-19

At the same time, “a school nurse accompanies the school heads on site in order to respond directly to the questions and concerns of the parents of the pupils. ”

Where are the schools and closed classes located in the department and in France?

Sébastien Couratin and Emmanuel Brun


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