Coronavirus cases detected on Thursday jumped to 648 in the past 24 hours, more than double daily reports from two weeks ago, the health ministry said.

Some 90% of these infections are found in Buenos Aires and its populous outskirts, a total of 14 million people.

As of Wednesday, 474 new infections had been listed, on average for the previous seven days, but more than the 300 some two weeks ago.

9,918 cases of contamination

Total deaths have risen to 416 since the first infection, recorded on March 4. The total number of contamination cases is now 9,918, of which 3,032 are healed.

Infectious disease specialists attribute the increase in cases to the entry of the coronavirus into the shantytowns of the capital and its surroundings, where nearly 350,000 people live, without running water in many homes and where the overcrowding prevents respect for the confinement decided on. national level for 63 days.

The relaxation of this containment, allowing the controlled opening of certain non-essential businesses, also explains the progression of the coronavirus.


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