Coronavirus: Tesla stops. Musk, the move – North America

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Elon Musk is threatening to leave California, where his only Tesla electric car production site is located in the US, because local authorities have banned him from resuming production due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Frankly, it is the straw that overflows, the vase will immediately transfer its headquarters and future plans to Texas and Nevada and whether it will have to maintain a business in Fremont will depend on how we are treated,” he tweeted.
Tesla “will immediately file a lawsuit against Alameda County,” its founder announced on Twitter, accusing a county “unelected and ignorant health officer” of “acting contrary to the governor, the president, and freedoms.” constitutional and common sense! “. The automaker had announced that it wanted to partially reopen its factory in Fremont yesterday, with 30% of the workforce, but a county health executive I decided to ban it because the area is still under restrictions and Tesla does not meet the criteria for the restart. Musk relied on the company’s experience in China, where his factory reopened after the coronavirus crisis was brought under control. “Tesla knows better than a small unelected interim official what he must do to resume production in complete safety, thanks to the experience gained in our plant in China,” explained the entrepreneur. In recent days, the owner of the car manufacturer had attacked the lockdowns harshly: “to say that you cannot leave the house and that if you do, you are arrested is a fascist thing. It is not democratic, it is not freedom: give people back their freedom, “he posted.



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