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The exceptional period of cessation of all non-essential activity has already ended and, therefore, thousands of workers -especially in industry and construction- will return to their activity starting this Monday. In order to prevent further coronavirus infections, the Ministry of Health has produced a guide of good practices. Given the increase in mobility, Health has published new recommendations to avoid taking the virus home, These include taking off your shoes when you arrive, putting aside used clothes continuously in closed places where there are more people and disinfecting your mobile phone and glasses.

One of the most controversial measures is the use of the mask. Health changes its position and now advises its use -in a complementary way- in crowded areas and the Executive will distribute them from Monday -Tuesday in the regions that are festive- in public transport points, such as metro stations or suburbs.

However, the portfolio led by Salvador Illa insists that three “key” measures must continue to be undertaken to prevent contagion by Covid-19: interpersonal distance, hand washing and hygiene in public and private spaces. Illa himself warned this Friday that Spain is still in a confinement phase. “We are not yet in de-escalation,” he stressed.

Furthermore, it reiterates that everyone with symptoms of the disease, such as fever or cough, does not go to work, stay at home and contact the relevant health authority. On the other hand, in the commute to work, the means of transport that allow the most distance from other people -at least one meter- should be used. In case of using the private vehicle, it is necessary to maintain the greatest possible distance, with only one person per row of seats.

The companies must also maintain interpersonal distance if possible, try stagger schedules entry and exit or guarantee the distance at the access controls.

Guide not to take the virus home

Health has released this Friday new recommendations in the face of the foreseeable increase in mobility as the mandatory recoverable paid leave declines.

These are the recommendations released this Friday.

Out of home:

  • Try do not touch surfaces and when you do wash your hands well with soap and water
  • The adequate and frequent hand cleaning is more effective than wearing gloves
  • Avoid touching yourself eyes, mouth or nose
  • Keep the safety distance 1-2 meters
  • If you use car, clean it frequently, especially the surfaces that are touched the most.

When you get home:

  • Take off your shoes and leave them near the door
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Separate the objects you don’t need at home (keys or wallet) and leave them in a box near the door.
  • Disinfect other objects you have used outside (mobile or glasses), use disposable tissues or alcoholic solution or soap and water.
  • If you have been in a closed environment with more people continuously, separate in a bag the clothes that you used without shaking it. Close it and don’t take it out until you get out again or until wash it with hot water. Dry it well. Wash your hands well before handling it.



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