Coronavirus: the pace of the coronavirus outbreak and how does it spread? A study has shown

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Coronavirus outbreak: A study found that cases in a transmission chain occur in less than a week and that more than 10% of patients get the infection from someone who doesn’t show symptoms yet, according to a PTI report. According to the PTI report, the results could help health authorities curb the outbreak.

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The results were published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal and the serial interval of COVID-19 was estimated. To do this, the researchers measured the time it took for symptoms to appear in two people infected with the virus, one of whom is the person who infects another and the second the infected person. According to the research team, which includes people from the University of Texas, the average series interval for the disease in China was about four days.

The researchers added that the speed with which an epidemic spreads depends on two factors, the number of people infected by each case, the so-called reproductive number, and the time it takes for the cases to spread, so series interval, the PTI report added.

The researchers showed that the outbreaks increased rapidly and could be difficult to manage because the serial interval of COVID-19 was short. The report cited co-author of the study, Lauren Ancel Meyers, as saying that while Ebola is much easier to contain because it has a series interval of a few weeks, it is much harder to stop influenza in just a few days. Meyers added that according to the data, the coronavirus could spread like the flu, so health officials need to work quickly and aggressively to fight the threat.

According to a PTI report, the study examined 450 cases of infection in 93 cities in China. The researchers found solid evidence that the virus was transmitted from people who had no symptoms yet. This is known as pre-symptomatic transmission.

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