Coronavirus. The situation remains under control despite the 200 clusters in France

The circulation of the coronavirus remains under control in metropolitan France a month and a half after the lifting of the confinement and the tracing and isolation measures have made it possible to prevent it from spreading in the population from the approximately 200 clusters identified, said Minister of Health Olivier Véran on Thursday. In mainland France, we have identified more than 200 clusters since deconfinement, but for ten consecutive weeks the number of cases has been reduced and we have all the indicators that show that the situation is under control, underlined Olivier Véran on RTL.

For more than ten weeks that we have lifted containment and that we have been tracking the virus […] there was no community dissemination from a cluster, that is to say that the areas of activity of the virus remain confined to specific places, he added.

Only Guyana is an exception, the epidemic recovery in this community of South America having led to the establishment of restrictions on the opening of certain public places. While localized reconfigurations have been implemented in several countries faced with a resumption of contamination in new epidemic foci, fueling fears of a second wave, Olivier Véran assured that the government was putting in place all efforts to avoid a rebound in the epidemic. We have prepared a plan in the event of a rebound of the epidemic so as to avoid any cost of returning to a generalized containment solution, he stressed, citing the protection of the most vulnerable, protection in nursing homes and a reinforced policy of tests and “contact tracing” among the main orientations of this plan.


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