The United States reported Friday, April 24, 50,031 deaths from coronavirus, the worst record officially recorded in the world, according to a count of the Johns Hopkins University which refers.

The country has more than 870,000 people infected with the virus. Between Wednesday evening and Thursday evening, the United States recorded 3,176 deaths, one of the worst daily reports.

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Probably higher balance sheet

The real toll, both for the number of infections and of deaths, could even be higher than the official figures, the health authorities of several States having limited screening capacities and deaths at home not being taken into account more often than not. . Nearly 4.7 million drug tests have been conducted in the country, according to Johns Hopkins, whose figures are continuously updated.

New York State, with around 40% of deaths recorded, is the main focus of the epidemic in the United States. Next come New Jersey, Michigan and Massachusetts.

No general containment

Relative to the population, the mortality due to the coronavirus is 1.5 per 10,000 inhabitants. Belgium is presented as the country with the highest mortality in the world with more than five deaths per 10,000 inhabitants.

The US Congress on Thursday adopted a new plan to help the economy and hospitals cope with the pandemic. 26 million people have registered as unemployed in the country, where the heated debate on containment is heating up.

While some governors have decided to put in place travel restriction measures, Donald Trump has called for disobeying these rules.


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