Coronavirus: Tipos extraliga: The captains sent a letter to the prime minister

22.11.2021 16:37

The captains of the clubs of the two highest hockey competitions addressed an open letter to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Eduard Heger on Monday in connection with a significant reduction in the number of spectators at mass sporting events.

According to them, Slovak sport found itself on the tail of state interest. Among other things, they are advocating to enable sports for children and young people. “Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the sport has received severe blows from every side. For a moment, it may rise, see the light at the end of the tunnel, but immediately bleed again. Few have defended athletes and helped the sport, which brings many benefits to society. and when he shall recover from the situation which he found himself in. “ it is stated in a letter to Prime Minister E. Heger.

The vast majority of hockey players in teams are currently vaccinated at almost one hundred percent. Especially because they can play hockey in front of the fans. Last but not least, so that the clubs do not lose a significant part of the funds from the entrance fee.

“We are sorry that even vaccinated people cannot go to our stadiums. We do not underestimate the situation with covid-19. We are aware of the unfavorable situation in hospitals. We would like to ask Prime Minister Eduard Heger and other members of the Slovak Government to support us and create better We want to meet them, we play hockey for them, so we welcome a compromise, we want to find at least a golden mean so that clubs can flow funds from the tickets. parts have filled the aspects, “ said HC Slovan Bratislava captain Michal Sersen at Monday’s briefing.

The Association of Professional Hockey Clubs (APHK) actively wants to help hockey players in negotiations with representatives of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic.

“We are fully available to look for any possible alternative on the part of the competent in order to allow more spectators to get to the stadiums. Even within the covid vending machine. capacity solution of spectator attendance or sufficient financial compensation.

Extra-league clubs currently do not receive any direct state subsidies for their operation. They only live from marketing partnerships, something provided by APHK and another one third consists of ticket sales. If this part of the funds falls out, the club goes at a loss and this involves further cooperation with sponsors, who are already considering continuing. It’s a connected vessel where everything is connected to everything, ” Aneta Büdiová, Director of APHK, commented in Zvolen.

Open letter of captains of Tipos extraliga and Tipos SHL clubs in full without editorial changes:

“Mr. Prime Minister, we are fully aware that the rate of spread of the disease and especially the situation in extremely congested hospitals require tighter anti-pandemic measures. We do not question or alleviate the seriousness of the situation. We understand that low vaccination has also contributed to the current situation.

Through our attitudes, we have encouraged and continue to urge our fan community to take responsibility. We also took a proactive approach to vaccination in our clubs. In the vaccination, we saw the way to freedom and a peaceful life without restrictions. Your government has also brought this hope to us, convincing the whole society of the benefits of vaccination. Unfortunately, after the last steps of the cabinet and the adoption of restrictions that significantly affect sport, we feel disappointed and deceived.

We are justifiably beginning to get the feeling that someone definitely wants to bury the sport in Slovakia. Not only professional, but also youth and recreational. Sport has found itself on the tail of state interest, for many it is like the bad guy. We feel guilty.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the sport has received severe blows from all sides. He may get up for a moment, see the light at the end of the tunnel, but then he bleeds again. Few have defended athletes and helped the sport, which brings many benefits to society.

Who knows if and when he will get up from the situation he got into. Last year we were in front of the Office of the Government in Bratislava and tried to point out the problems of professional hockey. Despite various promises, not much has changed. Professional sports have been hit, but compensation for loss of income, unlike other areas of society, has come minimal.

Our club hockey has survived in the last two years only thanks to the support of fanatics – club owners and enthusiastic sponsors. However, their possibilities are not endless either. We have a serious concern that clubs will not survive further restrictions without subsequent compensation. Professional sports in Slovakia are in danger of extinction.

Mr. Prime Minister, please do not allow this scenario. We are still sad about the memories of last season, in which, with the exception of her last final duels, we were not supported by fans from the stands. Before the start of the new year, we were looking forward to sharing our joy of goals and victories with the fans.

Today, we do not understand why the last restrictions also punish the vaccinated or those who have already overcome COVID-19 in the last 180 days. If in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, but also in Italy, England, Germany, France and many other countries, 100% filling of the aspects of sports stadiums for vaccinated people is allowed, why is this not possible in our country as well?

What is the difference between the same person in the mall and in the stadium? Isn’t this the same person who is vaccinated or has been cured of COVID-19? We just quietly envy our fellow ice skaters that they can continue to play in a great atmosphere.

We also want to speak out in order to enable sports for children and young people. Not every parent can afford to send a child for a test three or four times a week just to go to training. Children meet their classmates in schools, but they cannot meet in training. How do we want to have a healthy society if we close the children at home and do not let them play sports?

Dear Prime Minister, We are addressing you in the hope that, as a result of your position, you will work to improve the conditions for professional hockey and the entire sport. Show that you care about sports. Do not bury Slovak sport. Even in these challenging times, it can bring joy and hope to Slovakia and its inhabitants. #SpoluPreSport

For professional hockey players, the captains of the TIPOS EXTRALIGA and TIPOS SLOVAK HOCKEY LEAGUE teams. “