The price of surgical masks that were sold in shops as part of the deconfinement was so far capped at 95 euro cents per unit, 80 cents if sold wholesale. A price control wanted by the government, while some resellers did not hesitate, at first, to take advantage of the high demand to hit their customers hard on the wallet.

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But here, as Valérie Rabault, president of the Socialistes group and related to the National Assembly, recalled on Twitter yesterday, the decree published on May 2 and framing these prices stipulates that the provisions it details are applicable until 23 may.

Clearly, the price controls on the sale of single-use surgical masks – not reusable masks, the price of which has never been framed – ends tomorrow, leaving the possibility for resellers to revise their pricing upwards. And nothing says yet that another decree is in the cards to extend this price control.

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