Coronavirus: Trump wants to extend entry freeze

US President Trump has announced that he will extend the entry stop from Europe – but how long he left open. Trump also announced $ 100 million in aid to Italy and other countries affected by the corona crisis.

The US government’s entry stop for visitors from Europe, initially limited to one month, is to be extended. These and similar restrictions would remain in effect and may even be tightened, said US President Donald Trump in the White House garden. This will help limit the further spread of the corona virus, Trump said. “It is very important to have limits.”

At first it was unclear when the entry stop, which was supposed to expire in mid-April, should be extended. Trump announced on Sunday that the restrictive protective measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic in the US should be extended until the end of April. Around mid-March, people from the Schengen area, Great Britain and Ireland can no longer travel to the USA. The only exceptions are US Americans, certain diplomats and Europeans who have long-term work permits in the USA, a so-called “green card”. Their relatives are also exempt. The regulation should initially apply for 30 days.

100 million dollars for Italy

Trump has also announced aid to Italy and other countries severely affected by the corona virus. He called the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday and promised to send $ 100 million in medical supplies, Trump said at a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Since US factories had increased the production of respirators, among other things, one could also supply other countries such as France or Spain, if possible.

At the same time, Trump warned his compatriots to comply with the restrictions on public life that he extended. Keeping distance and avoiding crowds of people is “our common patriotic duty,” Trump said. The next 30 days would be difficult. Trump set the US on a possible coronavirus pandemic casualty count of more than 100,000 on Sunday.



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