Coronavirus vaccine: who could get it, how much will it cost?

  • By Dominic Bailey
  • BBC News
September 13, 2020

Update September 14, 2020

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Several countries have joined the race for the vaccine against Covid-19

If scientists can make a vaccine for the coronavirus, when will we get it, how much will it cost and who will get it first?

When scientists manage to make a vaccine against the coronavirus, there will not be enough for everyone, experts lament. Research labs and pharmaceutical companies are rewriting the rules for the time it takes to develop, test and manufacture an effective vaccine.

Unprecedented steps are being taken to ensure the vaccine is deployed globally. But there are fears that the race to obtain one will be won by the richest countries, to the detriment of the most vulnerable.

So who gets it first, how much will it cost in these times of global crisis, how do we make sure no one is left behind? How soon can we expect a coronavirus vaccine?

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