Rome, March 31, 2020 – I children can take a walk with a parent close to home. After days of appeals to grant an hour of air to the children, petitions and requests to ensure that the decrees issued by the government on the emergency Coronavirus they also talked about the little ones, a circular from the Interior Ministry came to clarify.

It is to be understood that only one parent is allowed to walk with their minor children as this activity can be traced back to motor activities outdoors, as long as near your home“, reads the circular sent by the Ministry of the Interior to the prefects for” clarifications “on the prohibitions of gathering and moving.

Among the permitted motor activities remains that of doing jogging, the Interior Ministry points out. In the circular it is written that “generally permitted motor activity should not be understood as equivalent to sports (jogging)”.

“Today we shared with the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza the opportunity to pay particular attention to motor activity in safety of children in light of the extension of the restrictive measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus in Italy”, said in a joint note the Minister of Equal Opportunities and the Elena Family Bonetti, the Undersecretary for Health with responsibility for medicine for children and adolescents Sandra Paw and Alberto Villani, president of the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP).

The goal “is to allow all subjects of developmental age, that is, minors aged 0-18, to be able to carry out physical and recreational activities in the open air, but always accompanied by a family member, respecting the social distancing, with a adult / child ratio of 1: 1, unless they are siblings or minors living in the same house. In this case the adult / minor relationship can be 1: n (n = number of siblings or partners) “.

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Lombardy: “This is not the time to go out”

However, the Lombardy region. “This is not the time to let our guard down. The circular circulated by the Ministry of the Interior risks creating a devastating psychological effect by frustrating the efforts and sacrifices made so far.” The Councilor for Welfare affirms it, Giulio Gallera, defining the idea of ​​the walk “a madness”. “The ministerial measure – he adds – could be understood as a signal of easing of the containment measures taken so far. Rigid, important measures, which however allowed to contain the curve of the coronavirus contagions”. “The light at the end of the tunnel – concludes Gallera – risks going away or completely turning off when ambiguous messages are transmitted: the useful indication for everyone must be to stay at home, for a few more weeks. Only in this way will we succeed to defeat this sneaky and invisible enemy. ”
The president of Ragione Campania also follows the same line, Vincenzo De Luca, which speaks of “very serious message”.

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