Coronvirus: Fitness guru Joe Wicks causes 800,000 children to train in isolation

Fitness guru Joe Wicks led over two million people through training on the first day of school mass closure.

Over 800,000 jumped, stretched and immediately jogged while watching him live on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV.

The session was viewed a further 1.6 million times during the day.

Wayne Rooney’s four children were among those who attended the free 30-minute session.

Joe, 33, told the mirror, “The answer knocked me out – I hum. I was just about to go to school in the UK and teach kids about exercise, but it was canceled.

“At the end of last week I was in bed thinking, ‘How can I reach all of these children? You will need help. “I was pretty emotional about it. Then with Joe I got the idea of ​​PE.

“I have been working on making children healthier and more active for four years. It has been a pandemic and has locked people in their homes so that everyone can see that it is so important that our children are active.

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, teaches British school children

“It is important for your physical and mental well-being.”

He also developed exercise programs specifically for the elderly. Joe thinks we can use our time in self-isolation to a great advantage.

He said, “I know we can pull ourselves together, be optimistic, motivated and inspired to weather this pandemic.

“It is possible to get out of this fitter and see the time as an opportunity to put healthy, portioned food on the table because we are not on the road to have junk food.”

He added: “If you sit on the sofa and see Netflix or endless news, you will be overthrown. Practice breaks that and you will feel fantastic. So we have to be positive, look up at the sky and remember that things are getting better. ”

Joe, who films the workouts at home, announced that it doesn’t take long to prepare for the camera.

Mia, 8 years old, participates in “PE with Joe”

He said: “When I go on TV, they put a little make-up on me. But when I’m home, I roll out of bed and put on a T-shirt, shorts, and don’t care about socks.

“I wanted to tie my hair back, but then I thought a massive mop dancing everywhere could make a couple of kids laugh.”

Joe vowed to continue his physical education every day of the week until the schools reopened. And he hopes good habits will last much longer than the pandemic. He said: “I’ve tried to make changes for so long and I don’t want schools to neglect sport.”

“Bring daily exercise to the forefront of education because when you do that you have really focused, happy, energetic children who have a better attention span and feel more optimistic.

“Exercise and healthy eating will change your life. I hope this will change the fitness education system in the coming years. “

Joe started online fitness counseling five years ago and sold a million books and landed his own TV show.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s children participated

He said as he focused his attention on helping children, TV bosses’ interest waned. But he refused to give up.

Joe added, “I built it and funded a documentary on YouTube that nobody saw … Even when I did boot camps and nobody showed up, I kept going back.” Nobody watched my videos or got involved. But I had a voice in my head that said, “Go on. Don’t worry about what someone thinks. You are doing a good thing. “

He said that people from all over the world – including Thailand and Iran – are now participating. Joe, who lives in London with his wife Rosie Jones, their 20-month-old daughter Indie and their three-month-old son Marley, uses little or no equipment in training.

Coleen Rooney, 33, shared a video yesterday in which she and Wayne’s kids – Kai, 10, Klay, six, Kit, four and Cass, two – are teaching Joe. Then ex-England captain Wayne, 34, played a memory game with kit.

The 30-year-old Loose Women star, Stacey Solomon, took photos of her children and friend, 38-year-old actor Joe Swash, during the Joe Wicks PE lesson.

44-year-old footie star David Beckham led his brood in an art class.

While the pianist Myleene Klass (41) was accompanied by her children Ava (12) and Hero (8), she gave an online music lesson.

In the midst of the argument about home school, there was a laugh – comic and dad Jason Manford, 38, said, “Ahh, that’s why it’s called” break time. “It’s the last possible moment when you throw them outside just before they break you. “

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Self-isolating corona virus hacks

And a mother said PE ran outside with the garbage, and science was how to bleach the toilet.

59-year-old television presenter Carol Vorderman offers free online math courses.

Her four to twelve year old program, The Maths Factor, is usually a paid service, but she and the learning company Pearson give parents free access to it until schools reopen. Carol said, “We don’t want a child to fall behind.”



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